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Have A Crochet New Year

I have had the most fantastic year in crochet with very exciting happenings, fun workshops and not least many creative crocheters hatched.

New Year Greetings 2012Asterix & Obelix, Blue Morph and the Tinahely Sheep Flock
© Irene Lundgaard 2012

It has been a year of statement crochet and even the year where my crochet hit the big screen, but there was much more quiet crochet  pursuits too! Therapeutic, rhythmical movements with the hook in silent contemplation…

I look forward to exploring 2013 in crochet with you in workshops, at regular crochet classes or perhaps just in the virtual world. Wherever I meet you I wish you health, happiness and not least loads of crochet for 2013

Blue Morph

Blue Morph Crochet Hat

Today saw the launch of the Blue Morph hat at the Science Gallery in Dublin as part of their intriguing Magical Materials exhibition based on nano technology. I crochet the hat in it’s current incarnation based loosely on the original crochet version.

I had the privilege of meeting with Victoria Vesna last Thursday at the café in the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin. She and Romie showed me some beautiful pictures of cell structures which I was encouraged to use as inspiration for the new hat. I was also given the previous crochet hat to get an idea of proportions, however, the hat was to be  installed in a room with a low ceiling so I had to work less tubular than the original.

Victoria Vesna MorphingBlue Morph with Victoria Vesna © Irene Lundgaard 2012

The theme of the exhibition is Magical Materials and I suggested to introduce Polythene to the hat and actually ended up working the entire tubular structure in polythene which was quite tough on the hands. The mesh is worked in acrylics – not exactly my favourite material to work in either! As a matter of fact, I very rarely work in acrylics but my thinking was that the acrylic yarn would reflect light better than pure wool. Silk would probably have been ideal…

I stuck to the hexagonal structure in the mesh initially and then I went mad and sent the crochet in any and every direction – in the chaotic sense of that – and thereby creating tension where no tension is meant to be in a hexagonal shape.  I based the chaos on the pictures of nanoscale cell structures Romie had shown me, they were deeply inspiring and something I certainly want to explore further in my crochet. I have a feeling the trees in my garden will no longer be safe from a spot of crochet…

To me the fact that it is possible to use traditional methods based on ancient structures and be completely chaotic at the same time is the essence of crochet. I love the fact that it’s possible to turn corners immediately and the fact that there are no such thing as a “bum note” in free form crochet! Pure undiluted crochet jazz with elements of traditional lace crochet! A jazz doily of sorts…

I am very grateful for being given this opportunity to explore the universe of science again – and I find it intriguing that crochet appear to be the medium of choice yet again. I think it may have to do with the linear qualities of knitting that it is not used much. (My other encounter was through the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibition at the Science Gallery of which The Irish Reef section is on display at The Greenhouse in St Andrews Street, Dublin. That is a lot of crochet on public display in one town! World domination indeed!)

Blue Morph – documentation © Victoria Vesna 2012

I am even more grateful for the trust Victoria put in me and my ability. We only had one quick e-mail exchange and a quick lunch together before I started to actually do the crochet, but fortunately we hit it off and I managed to pull a lot of crochet off in a very short space of time. At one stage I had to ask Donal to cut the polythene bags for me and he could not cut them fast enough as I vent through miles and miles and miles of harsh material. My poor hands! Donal also chauffeured me around as we hunted down enough yarn to make this large piece of crochet with me crocheting like a maniac in the passenger seat – also on the way to and from Dublin when we were meeting there – for that I thank him deeply indeed!

High Coloured MorphHigh Coloured Tropical Moment Morph © Irene Lundgaard 2012
There are more photos on my Flickr Account here

It has been a wonderful, manic, fun experience for me and I really encourage you to go and experience the nanoscale images and sounds derived from the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly at the exhibition – and not least, I encourage you to try on the hat and enjoy morphing into an even more beautiful butterfly than you already are.

I am very grateful for all the trust that has been put in my ability and I feel humble that I am, in the most analogue way, part of something completely cutting edge.

I dedicate my work to our dear friend Angie who sadly passed away this morning. Rest In Peace Angie – you were the most beautiful butterfly of us all.

Blue Morph Crochet

Hands Morphing Into Shovels

For the last week I have been crocheting like a demon and I have been having the jazziest time. Love jazz,don’t you? I have only broken one hook and I have probably also accelerated a touch of arthritis in my hands but most importantly, I have had the best fun for a very long time as I have been working on Victoria Vesna’s magical Blue Morph installation which goes on display at the Science Gallery tomorrow.

Blue Morph Hat to beBlue Morph To Be © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I have crochet and crochet and then some, so much so that the cells in my hands appear to have morphed into shovels. My hands are warm and they feel like they are double their normal size. Acrylic yarn and polythene are not exactly the kindest materials my hands have ever encountered…

I look forward to seeing the hat in it’s new incarnation tomorrow. I only have one final element to make and then my work is done. I will do a proper write-up of the process later, but first I need to teach some crochet!

I hope you will enjoy the show at the Science Gallery for the next month, they have all sorts of magical inspiring materials there!