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Hyperbolic Inspiration


I have completely abandoned the whole Christmas Crochet thing and have gone into hyperbolic mode. The other day I received some wonderful pictures of inspiration from Margaret Wertheim which I would love to share with you. She even sent pictures of knitted corals too.

hgh-res-green reefA collection of crochet corals.

This is bead work.

_MG_7511This looks like knitted pods to me.


_MG_8337A toxic coral made from plarn (plastic yarn)

The ideas are coming fast and furious and I don’t have enough hours in the day to manifest them all, which to me is yet another example of survival of the fittest. The ideas that are really really good manage to make it into crochet. Right now I am short of yarn… Well, strictly speaking you can’t say I am as my stash is fairly well stocked but I am out of coral coloured yarn for the particular coral I am crocheting at the moment…

I feel another idea pushing through, I’m off to the hook!

If you are inspired by this, please get out your hook and start making your own pieces of crochet beauty. You can find base patterns here:
Free Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Patterns generously distributed by the Sydney Reef.
Inspiring Hyperbolic Knitting Patterns by Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro.
You can find details on the origins of this project at The Institute For Figuring.

Pictures by Margaret Wertheim, with thanks!

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I am started already on hyperbolic bits and God knows what the end result will look like but its a great way to fill in time in doctors surgery, car passenger, waiting for the pot to boil…………..

Marley, I’m delighted that you are on a mission with the reef. We need to create a piece of Irish beauty and I hope we will get submissions from all over the world too.

Hi there Irene, Myself and a few others hae just heard about the hyperbolic project in Dublin and would love to join in with the reef. Would you be able to let me know how to go about this? Do we just make our own coral shapes and then submit them? Or do we have to be accepted first?. I was raging at missing the workshop in December.
Really excited about this project and really looking forward to hearing from you with any information. Who is the coordinator for the project? Do we all do our bits and then the curator puts them together?
All the best, moira.
p.s. i have been collecting brickette bale wrappers as well and can se a way maybe of using them to hang the corals from.

Hi Moira,

Great to hear from you!

Don’t despair, just go mad with hyperbolic shapes. Print out the patterns, find your stash and your crochet hook and let rip with your imagination. Embelish like there is no tomorrow and then submit your piece to The Science Gallery (the coordinators) and the curator (Margaret Wertheim, I belive) will arrange the pieces.

If you read my blog post today, you can see where to send your pieces to:

I assume you have seen Margaret Wertheim on TED TV and that you have studied website of The Institute for Figuring. If you are a member of Ravelry you can check out the project group here: where you will find loads of detail!

Good luck!!! And don’t forget to have fun!

All the best,

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