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Hyperbolic Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I am cooped up again today in the snow and the frost as there are no trains or automobiles about at all and the only planes about are hyperbolic. Not that there is much snow, but the combination of snow and untreated icy roads is in and around lethal, so I am staying put. I did try to get some winter tyres for the car, but they can’t be got down here in the bush it seems. Instead, I have taken the opportunity to finish my Fibonacci Rainbow Coral and I have started another one.

IMG_7812smallFibonacci Rainbow Coral © 2009 Irene Lundgaard

I took the photo without arranging the piece, I just left it on the floor and took a picture. The piece will have to be arranged better if it goes to the exhibition but it really is fascinating how the shape drapes itself just right without any intervention.

I have another piece in the pipeline but I have been defeated by the Toxic idea I had. I’ll have to rethink that one, what better way than with the hook in hand?

Details for submission:
According to the Science Gallery website The Exhibition Dates : 25th March – 28th May

Deadline for submitting coral: 20th February 2010

Post your coral,with your name and address to:
Science Gallery,
Trinity College,
Pearse Street,
Dublin 2

There was talk of having a list of names of everyone who contributed to the Reef, and also a special opening. So, include your name and address with your coral submission.

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‘…the only planes about are hyperbolic.’ Hoot! Funny you.

Totally snowed in here although we’re only 100 yards from the main road. Car stuck in a big snow drift under several falls of snow. Had to trek to the local shop with a wheelbarrow for fuel, but once the fire is roaring and the knitting is out, that’s just pure happiness.

Happy 2010 to you my friend.

Happy 2010 to yourself my friend! Soon we will be able to have a New Years hug too!!!

I am snowed in here too. My kind neighbour with the 4-wheel drive gave me a lift for the 4K to the nearest shop for provisions today. Fortunately, I still have a really good stash and oil in the tank, so life is goodish although I am letting down an awful lot of people this weather!

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