Meet Hamish The Lion

I am preparing some Amigurumi Classes and worked out the lion Hamish over the weekend. Hamish is not quite made in the right style as he is joined together, albeit in crochet, but according to Japanese tradition this should not be the case, it should be worked as one large round but Hamish works best as he is made.

IMG_0060smallHamish The Lion © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

I had expert advice at my disposal during the process as my darling nephews and niece were soft-toy-consultants on the project. They were great fun and even came up with a name for him. Thank you guys!  I better get going on the next one, something fishy; perhaps – and something true to the Amigurumi tradition…

Note: Hamish is worked in two colours of Lett Lopi yarn which is an Aran weight yarn approximately. It is worked on a size 4.5 mm hook. If I was true to the Amigurumi tradition I probably should have worked him on a size 4 mm hook to make him real tight.

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The joining of parts is not against the amigurumi “rules” as far as I know. What is different in the technique is the fact that you crochet the bits in a spiral, rather than round rows – if you know what I mean. The other part (as far as I have understood it) is the density of the fabric and the exaggerated head to body ratio. Regardless – Hamish is GORGEOUS! His facial expression is hilarious. 🙂

Fuur, han er ikke værst og han er ikke olm… Og navnet var der jo andre til at fikse!

TeeWee, yeah, I know. But Hamish is a hybrid of sorts although he is worked in spirals… He is defo right with the head size! 😉

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