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Mother Nature Always Wins

Mother Nature is teaching us all many lessons these days. The aviation world has ground to a halt and all we can do is to sit down and use our hands and hooks for something meaningful while we wait for her to finish making her point.

Getting hooked in Studio 1, Science Gallery Dublin

Yesterday we could have set an Irish record in most crocheters gathered in one place this century in Ireland at the Science Gallery, but Mother Nature provided what can be best described as a summers day which held the crochet hordes away from Studio 1 and 2. But that did not stop any of the true enthusiast being there. Reefers and friends alike came to the rescue and submerged themselves in a spot of crochet together with the few people that showed up for the workshop yesterday at the Science Gallery. We had a blast and everyone seemed hooked on departure!

Note: Sunny warm thanks to Reefers and friends for being there to lend a hand!
Photo’s from the Hyperbolic Exhibition can be seen here.

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