Half A Hook Size Makes The Difference

I have had a cardigan on the hook for some time, it was basically finished, all it needed was the front bands and some buttons and a bit of fancy footwork to finalize edges and such like. Simple really, and I had it all done but wasn’t really happy as I made the classical mistake of making the two front bands too late at night – as in – way too late.

The result of my late night adventure was two lovely puckering front bands, they were not really puckering much and perhaps not really enough for the untrained eye to spot, but I spotted it immediately the following morning. In classical fashion, I put the cardigan to one side for a few days… Don’t we all do that when we realize that ripping and reworking is needed?

This glorious sunny summer morning I took myself and my hook and my coffee out into the garden and set to work to rectify my error. I ripped and then worked the front bands on half a hook size bigger and if you look at the picture you will see the major difference this makes. The left side is worked on a size 5 mm and the right hand side is worked on a 4.5 mm hook. Another bit of ripping and re-working and there will be no more puckering, now it’s just for fixing ends and getting the buttons just right.  Amazing what a difference 0.5 mm can make!

Note: The cardigan is based on Liselotte Weller’s wonderful generic pattern called Klokkeblomst/Bellflower.