Happy Christmas

This is a simple greeting, wishing you Peace and Joy over Christmas. I also thank you for the year that went, it was a fun and fulfilling year and you were part of making it just that. I wish you Happiness and Health for 2011, a brand new year to explore with yarn and hook and imagination.


A little last minute inspiration:
Crochet a quick woollen bowl, fill it with tea-lights to keep the recipient warm, or perhaps even chocolate. Pick a laurel leaf, use it as a greeting card and tie it on a bag with a bit of greenery and a slip of red woollen yarn. Simple, but effective Christmas cheer.

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Ta Nic!

Sinéad, thank you very much, I certainly did, as I hope you did! Us Scandinavians have never really grasped the Christmas bling just right, a lot of us use natural materials for Christmas rather than bling. Bay leaves could work too…

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