Flower Power

I am currently preparing the material for the Crochet Flower class at The Yarn Room this coming Saturday and thought I would share the amazing transforming powers of flowers.

I made the very flattering Bellflower sweater by Liselotte Weller during the winter in a plain sage colour and I though I would try it out with some Flower Power. The sweater wool is quite rough, and not for the faint hearted so the sweater is also better known as The Rug but that has nothing to do with anything really. As I mentioned, it’s plain in colour and quite discreet really.

IMG_6286smallI am working some smaller flowers for the class, but thought I would let rip on one for myself so I worked this enormous one to show how a a bit of clever decoration can transform a plain garment. The transformation is quite significant in this case I think. The flower is so large that I had to use three pins to make it sit right and by using pins rather than sewing it on permanently the sweater is nice and versatile and can easily be turned back into being it’s plain old self again. This would obviously work on a plain knitted sweater too.


Now that is Flower Power if I ever saw it!