Summer Throw Completed

I completed the Summer Throw yesterday. It was a perfect day for blocking so out it went on the garden table in the sun after a nice soak in some Wool Wash from Kerry Wollen Mills. I like that soap and I most definitely like the sunny weather we are having these days – it’s just perfect for blocking.

crochet summer throwCrochet Summer Throw © Irene Lundgaard 2011

The result of my labour is this colourful rosette of happy yarn. It’s a throw that’s about 1 meter square and it’s  made in Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball which is a German sock yarn. I have said it before and I will say it again, I like sock yarn, it’s such a versatile yarn. It has pretty colours and it’s practical and not least very washable. I really like the practicality of that!

There is no pattern for this little throw, it’s just a fun thing that came out of my head and through my precious fingers and my hook. There are a few moderations I would make if I was to crochet it again; the most prominent change I would make is to work the double crochet part on a larger hook, I was thinking a 4 mm hook, but I actually think it would work better on a 4.5 mm hook – to loosen the fabric, it’s too rigid compared to the rest of the fabric. I realized my error too late and have decided that I will just take a mental note for future reference and live with the Summer Throw the way it is now.

Would I make another one? I definitely would!

Note: More photos can be found here.

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AWH thanks Monika, I love colourful things too. Or rather, I don’t like colourful furniture, but I like colourful ‘garnish’, if you get my drift… One way or another, I like this throw because it was great fun to make!

Teewee, I understand, it’s just that the firm is a bit too firm, it doesn’t drape quite right, but it would have if I had changed the hook size. Mental note taken for future reference.

Nic, wow, thanks!

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