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Perhaps Ewe’ll See A Lambshade

plarn for tinahely arts group sheepballs of plarn for tinahely arts group sheepIt’s time for me to get down to the real sheep business. The shapes are cut, the holes are drilled and my plan of action is in place. ‘Tis just the action bit that’s missing somewhat.

The first point of call has been collection of the horrid ties from the turf briquette bales; I will never understand why Bord Na Móna doesn’t use biodegradable hemp ties – but I suppose that is just me being too sensible.

The cold winter was a help for generating a collection of ties although our own seasoned firewood was our main source
of heat.

My Tinahely Sheep Flock ewe is going to be wrapped in the ties somehow, that is once I get down to that afore mentioned action business… I also need some other colours in there somehow. Fortunately, my sister-in-law has the best stash of polythene bags I have ever seen in my life and she is kind enough to share this incredible colourful treasure with me. I picked the most colourful ones out yesterday and started my ‘plarn’ making and who knows, ‘ewe’ might see a ‘lambshade’ yet…

Note: Plarn is Plastic Yarn – made by turning plastic bags into strips to be crochet.

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