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Happy Handbag

Happy Handbag - Tapestry CrochetI have finally found a workaround for the handles of the handbag I started in June. I couldn’t finish it there and then as the vintage handles I had stashed were first hidden in ‘a safe place’ and when they finally showed up, they turned out to be unsuitable for the bag.

I then went through the long procrastination about how to solve the issue… I ended up using a couple of bamboo handles which I covered in crochet to get the right balance – they were too flimsy ‘au naturelle’. I made a square insert for the bottom, to give the bag a bit of hold, I used a piece of wood with holes for the handle ties in the upturn along the inside of the brim and I tied the handles on with the most delicious orange coloured leather straps.

I am a little bit in love with this bag… It’s bright and cheerful, I like bright and cheerful.

Note: The bag is worked in remnants of Lett-Lopi and Studio Donegal Aran weight yarns, it is worked on a 4.5 mm hook to give a good strong texture to the fabric.

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Mairin, I like brigt too!! Thanks for your kind comment!

Serena, you’re the amazing one! I have to admit though that I totally love it too!

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