Blossom On The Hook

I have nearly caught up with life here since my return from Denmark and now the sun is shining so it’s time for getting the camera out. You see, I have been busy with the hook as I have been working on Christmas gift ideas for the workshops in Denmark and my classes here in Ireland.

Blossom Tea CosyBlossom Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I have elaborated on an idea I gave birth to during the summer and am currently working on a selection of tea cosies with different styles of flowers on them. The coffee cosy is in that style too. The next tea cosy will have Daisies on it just to remind myself that soon the year will again turn and summer is nigh. But before that we have the creative fun of Christmas to look forward to and for that I have my reds, greens and white yarns ready – and petrol and lime and cream…