Lazy Lace Scarf

IMG_6570smallI always had a weak spot for mohair, particularly the bouclé variety and I still do. First of all, I adore the fluffy cloud of puff that it gives when worked. I adore it because the sky is almost the limit when it comes to hook size and the colours are usually great as well, and finally, it has great mileage too.

I have been eyeing up the luscious colours of the Cushendale Bouclé Mohair for a while and the other day when I was groping around the hooks at The Yarn Room I found a size 15 mm hook and I simply had to try it out and thought the mohair and the hook was a marriage made in heaven. I think this simple scarf could be a seller at the Yarn Classes where some of the women have already mentioned The C-word

I worked this Lazy Lace Scarf in the wonderful Glacier colour. The icy cold yarn colour reminds me of the crisp winter sky on a clear frosty day of the island where I grew up in Denmark. I worked it as a long puffy scarf that can be doubled as is the fashion or simply just wrapped around the neck three or four times forming a charming puff. Simple but effective…

Apologies for the poor picture quality, daylight is becoming scarce again, more time for the hook, right?…

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It took me a few seconds to figure out which C-word you were talking about!!!!
p.s – what an amazing transformation from skein to scarf – It takes real vision to see the possibilites when gazing at yarns. Congratulations on another winner.

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