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Vintage Crochet & Buttons Too

The week before I went to Denmark to do the Workshops in Skive Library, I found a picture of my Granny being held in the arms of my Great Granny, my Great Grandfather and my granny’s siblings are also in the picture and I spotted a few crochet collars on the girls in the picture, cute little ones and I am sure they came from my Great Granny’s hand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out any detail to try to replicate them.

Vintage crochet collar and buttons by Irene LundgaardCrochet Vintage Collar & Buttons © Irene Lundgaard

However, I was inspired and today I set to work with some mercerised cotton and a 1.75 mm hook and started making up my own little collars, they are very much on the experimental side of being anything yet – as is my choice of buttons.

I love buttons, my granny had the most wonderful collection of buttons as she was a dress maker, a few of the ones in the picture are actually from her stash. Some of the ones I found as potential buttons for the collars I am playing around with are just too ancient and worn to be used, but they are still charming and will be put back in the box where they normally live once I have picked out the ones I want to use.

I’m not quite sure what I am going to do with the collars once they are done, but perhaps they will find their way to my stall at our annual Christmas Spirit Fair at the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely that Margarete and I have organized for the last few years. I think they just might make it there and who knows, a pattern may roll off the fingers too!

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Seeing these collars really brought me back to my childhood. I remember my mother making tweed dresses for myself and my sisters with white lace collars. When we grew out of the dresses, she would take off the collars, make cushion covers out of the dresses and put the collars onto the next dress!

First of all, you are very welcome here Kathryn! And yes, my great granny and my granny are both great sources of inspiration. I have my great granny’s sampler book from the late 1800s – her skill as well as my grandmother’s skill is hard to live up to!

Stephanie, I’m glad I was able to bring you down that Memory Lane! I think lace has always been treasured and re-used, the skill involved in making it has always been appreciated, I think.

Mama, du kan tage kassen frem og kikke på knappernes søstre! Jeg er så glad for at have en håndfuld eller to her og nænner nok ikke at bruge dem!

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