A Piece Of Heaven On My Hook

I am a member of Ravelry which is an all dancing all singing yarn forum full of ‘yarnies’. If you are not yet a member, make it your business to become one. It is a fountain of patterns and hints and tips and yarn resources. It’s fiber-cyber-heaven in other words. On Ravelry there is a group called Colour Joy and I’m a member…


This mystery piece of tubular Tunisian Crochet is just that; colour joy! I am working the piece on hook 9 mm, just because I can and I am working in Létt-Lopi from Ístex as I am head over heels in love with that yarn and so enjoy exploring how far I can take it. The yarn texture alone makes it so terribly smooth and lovely and the fantastic colours are simply mindblowing. It’s pure joy and I love it! Another thing to love about this colourful piece is working in Tunisian Simple Stitch. There are terribly many different stitches one can use in Tunisian Crochet but my all time favorite is the plain auld simple stitch. Tunisian Simple Stitch and Ístex Lopi are a marriage made in heaven and here I am with a piece of heaven on my hook. Yay!

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Failte Tineke! There is just one thing you have to do and that is to do a Tunisian Crochet class and hey presto, you can work in these wonderful colours too!

Nic, the colour hue is just right on that Lopi!!!

Ok now you’ve been writing so much about Tunisian Crochet and I think it is beautiful, so I had to find my mothers old crochet book (jeg haekler selv, Politikens Forlag, 1967) and figure out how to do it.
I’d love to do one of your Tunisian Crochet classes, but I just cannot wait until you come here or I go there 🙂

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