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Alternative Matrials In Crochet

I was in a builder’s suppliers a couple of weeks ago and came across a spool of Manila twine, I love the scent of Manila and couldn’t resist buying a few meters of it to convert into “something”.

On the way home in the car I remembered my spool of candlewick cotton in my stash and I thought the two would be a happy mix. I also had an eye on my “Crochet Living” workshop coming up and a plan started to take shape.

Manila rope basket crochet in candlewick cotton by Irene LundgaardCrochet Manila Twine & Candlewick Basket
Irene Lundgaard 2013

After a few attempts I ended up making a very plain little bowl, an ideal little basket for holding small one ball projects or perhaps some fine cotton lace work or tea lights or pretty stones or keys or perhaps just to be left out to touch and smell.

One way or another, it’s simple crochet for around the home and I really enjoyed working with these materials, it could be fun to use coloured cotton in sections of a basket or even coloured twine.

Do you ever use alternative materials in your crochet?

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Stopping by via Hookey – saw this gorgeous basket on there and had to check your “living crochet” workshop out.
The only alternative materials I’ve used is plastic and twine. I made a bag with the plastic and a plant holder with the twine.

Hi Sara, nice to see you here! You are welcome about the place!

My “Living Crochet” workshops are all about crochet items for the home. Baskets, blankets, table mats, cushions, curtains, you name it – we make it!

As for alternative materials, it sounds like you got the materials just right for your projects! Good fun!

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