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Birthday Crochet – The Ultimate Celebration

This weekend saw Pia & Thue’s 40th birthday and I celebrated with a spot of crochet – the ultimate from of celebration if you ask me. Pia & Thue are avid bikers, this summer saw them “do Sweden” on their bikes and next year they are planning a very long bike trip in America… What could I do but crochet them a motorbike doily to celebrate?

Crochet Birthday Motorbike for Pia and Thue September 2013Crochet Birthday Motorbike for Pia and Thue September 2013
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I played around with the rough image of the bike and bikers and then softened the image by using some edgings from my Great Granny’s sampler book which I have found inspiration in and written about many times before. I mounted the bike on a gorgeous tangerine coloured card with rice paper behind as I have a feeling it will end up on a wall at Thue & Pias

Pia & Thue have been graceful enough not to comment on the fact that the bike very much resembles the 3 gear Puch moped I rode in my teens…

Happy Biker Birthday folks!

Note: I used Ecru DMC 100 and a 0.75 mm crochet hook.

3 replies on “Birthday Crochet – The Ultimate Celebration”

The combination of the old, safe, tried and tested methods, the traditional yarn, your amazing skill and the downright cheeky border and motif gives what can only be described as a one off. What’s not to like 🙂

Motorcyklen var fantastisk tænkt og hæklet.
Den vakte glæde og beundring.
Festen var bare SÅ god.
Vi savnede jer iblandt os. Heldigvis kunne i være med på sidelinien. Takket være, moderne teknologi.

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