It’s Halloween Time Again

Last year I was inspired to making a Halloween Web Crochet Pattern and this year I am inspired too as I am currently developing some crochet bats for the trees in the garden that will go just nicely with the webs of last year. I’m nearly there with the bats but until I’m right there with them, I thought I would share the webs from last year first!

Catch Halloween Crochet Web by Irene LundgaardCatch Halloween Webs © Irene Lundgaard 2012

The pattern for the webs, is simple and worked in an acrylic yarn in a DK weight on a 4mm/G hook. I was able to make 5 webs out of 50 grams, so each one doesn’t take an awful lot of yarn and they can be worked in any yarn you like. I chose acrylic for added horridness in the making and not least because it’s often easier to get scary colours in acrylic yarn.

The pattern is available in both UK and US terminology right here if you would like some for your own garden.
Once you buy the pattern it will be sent to you by E-mail as a PDF-file ready to print. It will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase.

€ 2.00

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