Hyperbolic Reef Workshop At The Science Gallery

Sunday December 6th

Three workshops @ 12:30/14:00/16:00

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The “Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef” is a worldwide project that marries mathematics, marine biology, handicraft, community art practice and environmental consciousness-raising. People all over the world – from London and New York to Capetown – are collectively crocheting coral reefs, a woolly testimony to the disappearing wonder of living reefs that are being devastated by global warming. At the workshop, participants will begin the process of making an “Irish Reef,” to be exhibited alongside the international crochet reef collection at Science Gallery in Spring 2010.

In these workshops Wicklow based crochet expert Irene Lundgaard will lead you from the basics of crochet through to the techniques needed to crochet a hyperbolic mathematical pattern. It’s easier then you think!

To find out more about the reef and its curator Margaret Wertheim from the Institute for Figuring in Los Angeles check out her TED talk here.

4 replies on “Hyperbolic Reef Workshop At The Science Gallery”

Hi Irene, love the wool shop in Ashford. I am really inspired by your hyperbolic crochet. Am just on my way back to Australia where I will be discussing this with my friend Deeta who is the most creative knitter i know. she will love your idea. i love the connection to the environmental aspect. hope to make it to the workshop on Friday 4

Fáilte Rose, I look forward to seeing you and I completely agree; the whole project is mind blowing with all the different aspects of female handicraft, science, the arts and the environment all tied together in one.
I look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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