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Hei igjen.
Ferien er over og jeg går over korrespondansen fra i høst.
Her var vi i kontakt om tokrokpinner. Kan det fortsatt være interesse for slike i Irland tror du?
Håper å høre fra deg.
Solvor Hofsli

Irene, tried to phone you,

are there any vacancies on crochet classes starting to nite !!!

Can you phone me on XXXXXXXXXXx



Irene delighted we will be cross fertilizing our creative juices at the courthouse this sept 2010! Looking forward to seeing your reef and chatting to non-toxic reefers …. come in an join us anytime during the month of aug for an interactive experience and feel free to bring some yarn too 🙂

Hi Irene, I love the colours of the sock wool. I have so many things I want to make at the minute.Crochet top, crochet a throw for my bed or a runner type thing cos my bedroom is now painted WHITE! and I need some zany bright colour to add in. I also want to make a headboard if you know what I mean, bet you do. Kinda hanging from a rail? Do you think I could crochet something, maybe felt it. Love to talk to you soon and get some ideas from you.

I love popping in to this site and seeing what amazing things you are doing, endless talent.

Mum is holding her own at the minute, the palliative care doctor from the hospice is attending to mum now. She has good days and bad, am off to see her shortly. She enjoys watching me crochet particularly, her mom taught me way back when although she never did it herself, only knitting.

See you soon I hope, please say Hi to Juliet for me

Ann, you badly need a visit to The Yarn Room methinks. The latest craze is ‘big knitting’ and there are big crochet too! Not to mention new crochet patterns in general. I’m dying to show you!

I know exactly what you mean about the ‘headboard’… There are a few different approaches, but one of them could be some Filet Crochet, if it’s romance you are after… 😉

Glad to hear you are doing OK and that Mum is looked after well.

The girls are asking for you every Thursday. Will send your regards again! Promise!

Hi Irene

Just wondering do you have any spaces in your knitting group in greystones co.Wicklow please?
Thanks so much Ali

Hi Ali,

The list of Knitting Groups are not ones I run, it is merely a groups that I refer people to. You will have make contact with the group directly, however, it is my impression that it is just a matter of showing up and taking part.


Irene, WOW< WOW, WOW,Congratulations on the aware for your blog, but nor suprised really, its fantastic! and the hat, OMG you are just amazing. Have to go down to see you now, and I want to make some of those little doillies too!

Warmest congrats

Hello there my dear friend, sorry not to have been in touch after you kindly shared your mo no with me, where does the time go? I have taken the hooks out only in the last couple of weeks and am thinking of you as I crochet. Making a few headbands and mitts to add to my market. Hope you are well. I would love to meet up with you and plan to visit the YR again very soon. what days are you working? some new plans afoot? Lots of love to you. Ann

Hi again, can I link your vintage collar and buttons photo (if I can manage it) to my market which is called PureVintage Fair ? Its beautiful.

Ann, I saw you managed just grand with the linking! And thank you for your kind comment on the collar. They’re fun to make!

Big hug to you Ann! We must hook up soon!

Can you please tell me about the knitting class in D Hotel Drogheda – if you know. Do sign up for a no of sessions? drop in or what is format. I really like to start something like this early in NY.



Hi Anne,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The only details I have on the knit club in Drogheda are these: “D Hotel beside the Scotch Hall shopping centre on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm.” I suggest you either show up, which is the nature of knitting clubs, that you can just join or contact the hotel, they may be able to tell you more.

I hope you succeed!

Crochet regards,