Amigurumi Crochet Design Dolls

Horseplay With The Hook

While I was in Denmark earlier in the month a message with a fun order ticked into my mail box. I usually say I don’t “do” commissions, but then again, I do “do” commissions, but only when my creative freedom is not constrained. Fortunately, this was the case again this time. This was an order for two small figures of about 12 cm. One male and one female, he was to wear black trousers and a red coat, she was to wear a black dress. And I was to crochet a horse too…

I have crochet like something of a lunatic ever since as today was the deadline for completion of the project.

Crochet Amigurumi Male and Female with Horse by Irene LundgaardCrochet Male & Female and Crochet Horse too
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I could have done many different styles of people and horse, but knowing the person who ordered them, I kept the whole thing fairly simple.

I had a really hard time making the horse. I have never been a horse girl, when I was a child, so a bit of research went into getting that neck made somewhat right!

Crochet amigurumi horse by Irene Lundgaard 2Detail of Crochet Amigurumi Male and Female by Irene LundgaardCrochet Male & Female Detail and Crochet Horse too
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I have just handed over the lot and fortunately they were well received! That is always a gamble when doing commissions, even with pictures of the progress during creation, there are no guarantees that the customer is going to be happy with the finished work, so I’m delighted again this time!

And now, I’ll go back to crocheting wild pink roses, I have a little neck piece in mind for the shop for tomorrow.

Tunisian crochet Workshop

Tunisian Crochet Workshop In May

I was approached by Ashla Ward a while ago with the view to having a Tunisian Crochet Workshop Weekend in May. Ashla runs a Knit and Crochet group in NUI Galway and booked me for the workshop. I’m delighted and really look forward to immersing myself in Tunisian Crochet and not least the wilds of Co Mayo for a weekend in May.

Ashla contacted me the other day and told me that there are still a few places left for the course, so if you are interested all the details for content and booking can be found below!

Essence of Mulranny Weekend 24-26th of May 2013

Dane's Tunisian Vest

The Cost
Accommodation and all meals (2 dinners, 2 lunches and 2 breakfasts) plus two full days of classes with Irene Lundgaard for €190.

About the Accommodation & Studio
Essence of Mulranny (EOM)

Overlooking Clew bay the EOM house and studio is set in beautiful Mulranny with a blue flag beach nearby. The owner Cheryl Cobern Browne is passionate about craft and the environment and is a welcoming host. All the meals are provided during the stay and Cheryl cooks healthy and delicious foods. The house is modern and spacious with 10 bedrooms including 3 en-suites and some shared bathrooms.  The class will take place in the round tower studio that Cheryl has built on the grounds to facilitate crafting groups. The studio will be for the use of group and is left open throughout the stay. ‘Making available the things I am most passionate about is not only a privilege, but deeply enriching for me too – every time.’ Taken from her website

Tunisian Crochet
Tunisian crochet is a cross between knitting and crochet.  The distinctive fabric created by this technique looks woven and has very many uses particularly in soft furnishing, bags and not least jackets as well as the traditional use of blankets. Tunisian crochet is typically worked on a long hook with a stopper on the end – similar to a knitting needle.

The techniques taught will be classical Tunisian Crochet and there will be an emphasis on colour work (including intarsia) and texture as well as an element of design.

Day 1 Basic techniques
Day 2 Working circular including designing your own hat or bag.

Materials needed
Double ended Tunisian Crochet Hook size 5 or 6 mm and Aran weight yarn in different colours.
A limited number of hooks will be available for sale at the workshop.

To book
Contact Ashla Ward, 086 1936620
or email

Crochet Design Dolls

No Idle Hands

I am busy teaching crochet these days and was delighted to have a great day in the Deirdre Minogue Shop in Tinahely, Co Wicklow on Saturday where my crochet sold well – I have a shop in Deirdre’s shop and love the concept of cooperation in that way!

My good sales on Saturday means some of the nicer pieces of mine are now sold and I am busy making something new – pink wild roses are on the agenda as a little reminder that summer is nigh!

Male and female with armsCrochet Male & Female
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

However, I had a request for a few little crochet figures which I have to complete by the end of the week. The yarn is fine and there are many stitches to do. These two little people need a coat and a dress and a horse too…  No idle hands indeed.

Note: Deirdre Minogue’s Sale Shop, Tinahely, Co Wicklow is open every Friday and Saturday from 11am to 5pm. I man the shop every Saturday (although through May I will be manning the shop on Fridays) and I hope you call in to say hello if you are in the area!


Thank You Ladies

We had two great, inspiring fun days at the Library in Skive. I think the photos from the days tell their own tale, don’t you?

Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene Lundgaard 2Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene Lundgaard 3Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene Lundgaard 4Hækle Workshop Skive Bibliotek Danmark by Irene LundgaardCrochet Workshops at Skive Library April 2013
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

It was such a joy to see so many know faces yet again. I sometimes wonder if the crocheters that return every time come because I haven’t taught them well enough in the first place, but I choose to believe that they come because they think the crochet workshops are inspiring and fun!

I also had the privilege of meeting lovely Anne, we have known each other for years online but never met in IRL. Anne came with hugs for me from both Marianne and Lene too! I am a lucky woman!

Special thanks to Skive Bibliotek and particularly to Anette for all her support and help!

Crochet Workshop

Edelweiss Arm Band

I have arrived in Denmark and I’m busy finalizing the last few items for the workshops on Friday and Saturday. I thought I’d share a quick photo of one of the items that we will be working on on Saturday. It’s an armband in some lovely cotton and when my mother saw the flowers she immediately called them Edelweiss, her name is Edel – perfection!

Crochet Edelweiss Arm Decoration by Irene Lundgaard

Edelweiss Arm Band in Cotton
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

My mother is playing a blinder helping me out, she has sewn away A LOT of ends on my models for the workshops! That is what I call true love! Tak Mor!

Craft Fair Crochet Cushendale Wollen Mills Shop

Crochet Shop – Shop Crochet

Today I brought my very colourful current crochet project to Deirdre Minogue’s Shop in Tinahely. The project is a wrap in pinks and purples and orange and red and it’s quite in your face in the colourful fun sense of in your face! I tried to capture the colours with my camera, but did not completely succeed, put here is a taste of it. Sunglasses may be required!

Crochet Purple And Pink Wrap in Cushendale Boucle Mohair by Irene Lundgaard 2 Crochet Purple & Pink Wrap in Cushendale Bouclé Mohair
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I finally had a few pieces of crochet that did not have a name on them yet to bring to the shop. I updated the the Kelp & Sea Foam Wrap with a crochet brooch to keep it in place off one shoulder and then I teamed it up with a pretty little dress in jersey, pretty and simple.

Kelp and Sea Foam Scarf in Cushendale Mohair by Irene Lundgaard at Deirdre Minogue TinahelyKelp & Sea Foam Scarf in Cushendale Bouclé Mohair
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I also brought a pair of delicious delicate turquoise fingerless mittens with me. They are in a hand dyed yarn and made in pure, soft merino in a lace weight.

Turquoise Fingerless Mittens with Orange Blossom and Leaf Embellishment by Irene Lundgaard at Deirdre Minogue Tinahely 2Delicate Crochet Fingerless Mittens in Turquoise Soft Merino
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

This coming week I will be focusing my energy on the final preparations for the Workshops I’ll me doing in Denmark on Friday and Saturday at the County Library in Skive. More about that later. Right now, I’ll grab my hook and get the colourful wrap completed.

Note: Deirdre Minogue’s Shop in Tinahely, Co Wicklow is open every Friday and Saturday from 11-6. I am in the shop every Saturday although through April, I will mostly be there on Fridays. Hope to see you there!

Crochet scarf

Kelp & Sea Foam Scarf

The other day I was diving in my considerable yarn stash and came across a couple of balls of Bouclé Mohair from Cushendale Wollen Mills. The colours were Glacier and Greengage and they just spoke to my inner colour lover there and then. I put everything else to one side and started crocheting immediately. Dana and Clea saw the initial Instagram Photo i published of the scarf and between them, they named the crochet scarf superbly. Kelp and sea foam is exactly what springs to mind with these colours together.

Kelp and Sea Foam Scarf in Cushendale Mohair by Irene Lundgaard 1

Kelp and Sea Foam Scarf in Cushendale Mohair by Irene Lundgaard 5Kelp & Sea Foam Scarf
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

The scarf will be for sale in the Deirdre Minogue Shop in Tinahely. If there is interest I may even make the pattern available. What do you think, should I write it up? Would you be interested in the pattern? Leave a comment to let me know.

fingerless mittens

Simple Pretty Fingerless Mittens

I have taken to making fingerless mittens of late. They are fun to make and it’s possible to be quirky with them. This is a simple pair that rolled off the hook the other day.

Fingerless Mittens with Rose and Leaf Embellishment by Irene LundgaardFingerless Mittens with Rose and Leaf detail Embellishment by Irene Lundgaard

Fingerless Mittens With Crochet Rose And Leaf
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

They will be for sale in Deirdre Minogue’s Sale Shop in Tinahely along with other variations with different flowers. They will all make an appearance on this page as they are completed. At the moment I’m making ones with buttercups and forget-me-nots, quite cute, if I may say so myself.

Note: The pattern for these mittens will be available later.


Crochet Shamrocks – Free Pattern

I am focusing on flowers at the moment and have another crochet flower scarf ready for sale in the shop soon – as a matter of fact, it should be good to go tomorrow.

In the meantime, flowers are inspiring to study and often fairly easy to replicate in crochet. I have a couple of trial fuchsias lying about at the moment as well as some forget-me-nots and some daisies, but more about all those later as today is all about Shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day which will be celebrated by the Irish throughout the world on Sunday and seeing that I was made an honorary Irish Woman by a friend many years ago, I thought I would participate in the celebrations too.

St Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene Lundgaard details 1St Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene LundgaardSt Patrick Day Shamrocks by Irene Lundgaard details 2Crochet Shamrocks On A String For St Patrick’s Day
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

The madness in the eyes of the model has nothing to do with either the Irish, St Patrick or the Shamrocks – nor the Danes for that matter! It’s just me!

I have made a necklace type thing in Shamrocks and thought I would share a quick little free pattern on how to crochet a Shamrock, so here goes:

Crochet St Patrick Day Shamrocks – pattern :
Use any green yarn you have with a hook to suit the yarn weight. Fine yarn makes small Shamrocks, heavy yarn makes big ones.
CH 14, 1 DC (US SC) into 6th CH from hook, *CH 5, 1 DC (US SC) into prev dc (US sc)*, repeat *-* one time. You now have 3 ch sp.
Row 2: Now you need to bulk out the leaves: Stretch the hook across and into the first ch sp you made and *work 8 DC (US SC) into CH SP, finish with a SL ST into the dc in the middle*, repeat *-* on the next two ch sp loops. The three leaves are now bulked out.
Now bulk out the stem of the Shamrock by working SL ST into the 8 ch from beg of row ending at the bottom.

You have now completed one Shamrock. Without breaking the yarn you can make a couple more to bunch a few Shamrocks together. Once you have made as many as you like, break the yarn, sew away the ends and sew on a brooch pin and hey presto, you have a pretty green bunch of Shamrocks to wear on your lapel, on your hat or wherever for the St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday!

La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit!

tinahely arts group

Art Of The Woods

Last year the Tinahely Arts Group had a great day of making art of our local woods and this year we are repeating the success.

Monday March 18th at 11am group members of TAG will gather in the woods with only a penknife as an aid. All art must be made by debris from the forest floor and no “foreign objects” are allowed to be introduced, another aspect is that no major ecosystems must be disturbed – a dogme project of sorts. My own contribution last year was very simple and the same will be the case this year.

Art of The Woods Project Poster 2013

If you live locally I hope you will come along and see what we are up to in Tomnafinoge Woods, Greenhall, Tinahely, Co Wicklow.