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Cables Of Sorts

Mittens with cablesI adore cable work, I think it’s beautiful and I love the ropey texture it gives, but I have a problem: I’m too lazy to actually do the cable needle fiddle that is needed to make genuine cable work… The other day I laid hands on some un-dyed Bluefaced Leicester yarn in Aran weight and the softness just had cabled warm mittens written all over it. Do you see my dilemma? I immediately put my thinking cap on, because I simply had to find a way to make cables in that yarn; or at least something cable-like.

This is the result; a simple twisted rib mitten which gives the appearance of a cable but without the fiddle of the cable needle. Love the simplicity and the somewhat rustic look combined with the warmest, softest wool. It’s a winner and the pattern is in the making, although the pattern will be in Aran weight Alpaca from Artesano – another winning yarn…


Snug Neck Collar

IMG_7422smallThe other day I went down the garden to inspect the apple trees to see if the apples were finally ready to be picked. I went without a jacket, no snug warm sweater or woolly socks for the feet, for that matter. That turned out to be a mistake as the draft around my neck made me cold to the bone.

The previous evening I had been modelling (yes, me, modelling!) for a friend in the wonderful Coollattin House in Shillelagh, Co Wicklow where I had taken in this season’s fashion, saw the odd knit cable here and there and was deeply inspired by the beautiful wood and plasterwork in the two rooms where we were showing the clothes.

IMG_7438smallSnug Neck Collar © Irene Lundgaard 2010

On the way back to the house from the apples with my cold neck I came to think of the collar/shrug/shoulder wrap that Stephanie has made from one of Ístex’s pattern books and immediately, when I returned to the kitchen and found the stove lit I got a terrible urge to do something in knitting and simple cables – that plasterwork from the previous night really did fire up my sense of Elizabethan high collared style (or like a few people has said, lamp shade style…)

I love cables, I just don’t have the patience for the fiddle with the intricate ones but my cold neck wanted a cowl, preferably with cables. I saw at the fashion show that these things should be big and brash and wide and hang far down, but I like a neat little thing that will just do the ‘keep me warm’ bit, without the bulk (for a model, it would be said that I’m the bulky variety myself and don’t need anything added in that department!) I set to work with my needles! Yes, needles!

Using a half knitted up ‘cable thing’ knocking about in the WIP basket (for years, but we’ll leave that aside for now), the yarn was of curious origin but in aran weight and fit for testing the idea. I ripped and cast on, no niddy-noddy-ing, just straight from the knitted piece and onto the needles.

The white neck collar shown here was the result. It’s so snug and I have a feeling it might just develop into something bigger in it’s own good time, but for now it will remain a snug neck collar. Methinks the first thing to do is to give it a gentle soak to try to even out some of the ‘re-used yarn’ look, then write down the pattern, rework it a bit in some nice soft Rowan Felted Tweed, or Artesano Aran perhaps and then launch it, maybe…

Design Fun Knitting Pattern

I Knit Too, You Know

I have just rooted out my nifty little set of short 3 mm DPNs for a few hats I want to make for the Innocent Big Knit in aid of Age Action Ireland as I might one day need some age action myself.

I was looking through my stash of juicy coloured yarns while I was at it and I fell over some Kauni Effect that might just work. However, the Kauni reminded me that I have completely forgotten to load my free knitting patterns to this site, one of which is The Rainbow Scarf that is worked in garter stitch throughout. A handy number, if you ask me.

The Rainbow Scarf
© Irene Lundgaard 2010

I have heard people saying that Kauni Effect is too itchy around the neck. Itch and scratch in yarn is never an issue for me but I did have a think about a possible alternative yarn that might be suitable and I think the fun Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Sock Yarn would be a real good alternative.

Having fondled the Kauni Effect and thinking you-know-what-present thoughts… I thought I would make the free PDF pattern available here. Click to get yours:  The Rainbow Scarf – by Irene Lundgaard

My other free patterns are available here!

Design Knitting

Knitting Folklore

Anne (link in Danish) has done it again, created yet another beautifully creative knitted cardigan full of colour and challenging fun. She has even made the pattern available for sale on Etsy. You might like her Scarps waist coat too


Photo of the Folklore Cardigan is borrowed from Anne

I wish Anne well with her pretty Folklore cardigan and just wanted to spread the word about this pretty piece of knitwear beyond my armchair. Enjoy!


The Speed Of My Knitting

The Wicklow People came to the shop launch of The Yarn Room last Saturday and this is what they wrote.

I have this funny feeling that I am not the one who got the last laugh😉

And now, back to the 15 mm hook!


Crocheting Speed Knitter

IMG_7016smallThe launch of The Yarn Room was on last night and there was wine and yarn and cake and finger food and women and men and a heck of a lot of knitting needles and delicious yarn and colours and warm lights and as per usual just the one crochet hook, namely mine.

There was blind testing of yarn, there was hoots and happiness, banter and quick wit. There was a draw for 2 x 2 tickets for the Knitting & Stitching show at the RDS in a couple of weeks and there was a lot of love of yarn and there was a speed knitting competition too.

IMG_7027smallA room full of women yielded size 4 mm needles, Kilcarra yarn and 20 stitches each and knit plain knitting for three minutes. This crocheter sat in among them as if it was the most natural thing in the world for a crocheter, and do you know what? The crocheter turned out to be the winner, knitting 9 rows in three minutes or 176 stitches to be exact. The runner ups knit approximately 6.5 rows each. The current speed knitting world champion is obviously not a crocheter as the record is some 256 stitches.

Yes, you guessed it. This crocheter is a Continental style knitter and would obviously never dream of gloating!

Continental style knitting classes, anyone?


Knitting Too

If I had more than one set of hands I would use my knitting needles every so often too as there are a few knitters out there that I think have the knack of making wearable and attractive simple designs.

I want to list a few of them here, just as an inspiration while I get to grips with the neck of my Dane’s Tunisian Vest, but more about that later, right now, it’s about the knitting.

ashfordcowlNicola of NicKnits has a great knack for making simple knitting very attractive. She has made mittens (Ravelry link) in the past and she recently designed and released the pattern for the prettiest cowl. She has called it the Ashford Cowl. I love the way it tapers in at the top and how the edge is curvy. It is simple and effective and when worked in the right yarn it is simply deliciously soft and warm too.

Another knitter that I like a lot is a Danish friend of mine called Anne (link in Danish), she is an all round crafter and foodie too and she takes very nice pictures as well!

scrapsAnne has just released a pattern for her little waist coat called Scraps… (check out the link to see alternative colour version) and I love it. Not only is it very attractive and versatile in the sizing but it is also a super duper scrap buster. The pattern is available for sale on Etsy in both English and Danish.

Finally, I am completely besotted with the sense of style and quirky fun from Tora Frøseth in Norway. Tora is a very talented knitter and has a deadly eye for detail. Her ideas for children’s wear are just right in my opinion and one of these days, I will get my hands on the needles too although my Dane’s Tunisian Vest (which is turning itself into a sweater as welll as seeming to want a very demanding and time consuming neckline) takes priority at the moment as does the endless list of ideas that seem to just pop out of my head like popcorn on a hot pan.

Back to the hook.

Note: Picture copyright in this post is Nic & Anne’s.