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Sunshine In The Rain

After a couple of weeks or three of being here, there and yonder I finally made it to The Yarn Room yesterday for a fix of bright yarnie spirits and colourful wool. Much has needed to be discussed for a while and hooks needed exercising among like minds too. IMG_6244smallAs I roared up to the shop with my leaky exhaust just coming out of a heavy shower my heart lifted a mile. The new sign was up over the door and it is complete sunshine in the rain. The delicious colours would draw you in alone and inside it is so bright and happy.

Stephanie has had her sign made by the creative forces of Triskill and they most certainly know how to make mosaics. The new sign in stunning and it drew me in out of the shower like a bear is drawn to a honey pot. I think it even managed to banish the rain!

In my bag of tricks I had The Northern Vessel which now has a new home and was immediately put to good use as a holder of colourful balls of Kilcarra Aran Tweed. It looked right at home there in the shop.  IMG_6238smallIt’s quite amazing how firm it is with the rim around it but more about that later.

After the initial roam around and chat I plonked myself in The Yarn CouchTM, grabbed the hook and enjoyed the comings and goings of customers and friends of the house. There was even a visit from one of the yarnies from The Travelling Yarn Sisterhood. I actually get a feeling that she may consider staying the night one time on the The Couch. It was basically like crocheting in a big cosy family room with comings and goings of all sorts… Nice!

Stephanie and I also had a chance to discuss some exciting itmes like the Crochet and Tunisian Crochet Yarn Classes to be in The Yarn Room, but I will post much more about that later with a schedule of events et al!


That Yarn Room really is cosy and it’s even an online shop and it’s full of Irish yarn brands too!

Note: The mosaic sign is done by Triskill and you can check out more of their works here. They do much more than mosaics but I particularly like the mosaic work.

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Northern Vessel

Northern VesselLong journeys by car with a willing chauffeur are simply pure heaven for a yarnie. It leaves miles and miles of yarn opportunities just ready to be spent with implements in hand.

I was recently in Belfast and grabbed the opportunity of the long journey to work out Tunisian crochet in the round properly and to practise the tubular technique more. I use a birch hook and for some reason it just works with my very warm hands. Normally, I’m a steel woman as wooden tools do not glide well for us hot handed yarnies.

I managed to work a bottom flat in the round and it’s almost presentable, I just need to work out the rate of increase to make it neat. I worked in a natural colour and an autumnal green. I reversed the colour for what is going to be the rim, which will be turned in and sewn on on the inside. I used a hook 6 mm and good auld reliable Kilcarra Aran Tweed and I have to admit, I’m a wee bit besotted with the whole technique and not least the result.

I think I will have to try and work a pair of mittens or perhaps even socks in this technique. I am not sure how suitble it would be for socks as the finished fabric is quite firm and a bit inflexible unlike knitted fabric but one thing is for sure. I want more, much more!!!

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I Love Ravelry

Ravelry is the most exiting thing ever for a yarnie. If you don’t already know it then get to know it. It’s a web community for people who are passionate about fibres and yarns. It is a wealth of information on how to do all sorts of yarn related things, it is a fountain of completely mind blowing patterns, many patterns are even for free. And not least, it is a great community for forging yarn friendships across continents and oceans. It’s worldwide and it’s fantastic. I’m IreneLundgaard on Ravelry, what are you?


Summer Day Cloths

IMG_5661I wanted to make a quick little gift for somebody I care alot about the other day. A new home had been purchaced and I thought I would make something fun and useful for it and what is more useful than a few colourful crochet cotton cloths? I made three cloths in funky colours and I received a big charming smile from the most beautiful eyes as warm as a summer’s day as thank you… How I love to make something for people that appreciate the effort!

I worked 45 sts in treble stitches with a fun row of doubles in contrast colours every so often. It worked a treat and the contrast colour rows are a great way of making use of odds and ends of yarn. Have you made use of your remnants recently?




Reworking Beanie Pattern


During the spring I developed this little beanie. It’s made in the most delicious Artesano Alpaca and turned out to be girlie cute.  However, I made a mistake in the pattern and I just had to work it right. So when I saw The Yarn Room had a few balls left in this very nice lilac colour I set to work.

IMG_5587I have still to make the little flower that also goes on it and I think I might make a little skinny scarf with it as well. I like skinny scarves, they are warm but not bulky. Now I just wonder when I will get around to making a pdf file of the pattern. The plan is to give it a whirl on Etsy, watch this space.

Tunisian crochet

I’m Seriously Hooked

tunisianvesselIt is an absolute joy to work in the Tunisian Crochet technique. I am so delighted that I have worked out how to work in the tubular shape, it opens all sorts of wonderful opportunities and I can’t wait to get going on some of all of my ideas. It’s just that I have very many ends to weave in on my Yoyo Jumper which has magically turned itself into a vest. The yarn and the style of crochet simply does not lend itself to a full-blown jumper. The vest will be nice too, once I get those ends woven in, that is…