tinahely arts group

Fleeting Forest Art

As a member of the Tinahely Arts Group I invite you to join us in Tomnafinogue Woods, Tinahely, Co Wicklow on Saturday March 3rd from 11am. The arts and craftspeople in the group will be making “Art of The Woods”.

I hope you will put the date in your diary and if you can’t be there then enjoy our efforts in the days, weeks and months to come.

Fleeting Forest Art - Tinahely Arts Group - poster

“The forest changes every minute. Winds blow and leaves fall; animals leave their track; rain comes and washes away…

Shouldn’t art in the forest be just the same? Fleeting?

With this thought in mind, the Tinahely Art Group (TAG) had an idea; To bring together TAG members to create ‘Fleeting Forest Art’. This event will be open to all TAG member to participate in and will be a public event.

TAG’s Fleeting Forest art in Tomnafinogue Woods, Tinahely, Co Wicklow (Saturday 3rd March from 11 am) will leave art in the woods that is created only using small materials found on the forest floor. No outside materials (apart from
pen-knives!) will be brought in, no eco-systems will be disturbed.

The art pieces will be transient, ephemeral… fleeting.”

Now, the question is if the forest can be crochet?…