Hyperbolic Space For Charity

The other day a cheerful mail with a photo attached landed in my in-box. It was from the lovely Reefer, Jenny Byrne. Jenny is one of the rock solid core members of The Reefers group that is promoting and not least loving the Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.

It turned out that Jenny had entered a few photos from our Hyperbolic Crochet Workshop at Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely on the 2nd of October when The Ray D’Arcy Show on TODAY fm organized a fund-raiser for Barnardos with a book of snapshots of life in Ireland on that day. Jenny was talented enough to have one of her pictures selected for inclusion in the book, and this is it.

irish_reef_workshop2b_jennybyrnePhoto by permission from Jenny Byrne
for US 2 book in aid of Barnardos

The caption in the book reads: “Crochet, hyperbolic style. A year ago none of us knew one another. By 2 Oct 2010 over 100 people living all over Ireland had contributed to 2 exhibitions of craft work that included elements of crochet, maths, marine biology and hyperbolic geometry. We held a workshop on 2 Oct in Tinahely, Co Wicklow.”

Isn’t it just amazing how this project is spreading itself hyperbolically? Seeping into all sorts.

On a personal note, I must say that I find it quite amazing that my crochet hook and I are going to be knocking about on very many coffee tables for years to come. We, the people in the picture, will be part of a moment in time captured for posterity and all in aid of the most noble of causes. Well done Jenny!

Note: The book can be bought in all good bookshops in Ireland as well as in Meteor stores countrywide, but the fantastic Kenny’s Bookshop in Tuam Co Galway, stock it in their on-line store and post it out free of charge. Marvellous!