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Knitting All Sorts

I had to make some Christmas presents, as I’m sure every crafter in the world was compelled to doing.

Beanies For The Boyoz and a Ice Cowl for Herself.

For some reason it was my knitting needles I turned to for the most part. That seems to happen to me every Christmas for some reason… I worked a couple of nice warm beanies in Rowan Felted Tweed DK (current favourite yarn) for the ‘boys’ and I worked a mock cable cowl in Rowan Big Wool which is a very nice yarn too and it worked up nice and fast as I worked it on a size 10 mm!

IMG_9019smallI even managed to get my tractor of a washing machine to work for the felting of my little Hippy Felt Bag. Although, after the second wash, which made very little impact, just like the first one, I did consider either working the process by hand or simply just binning the whole thing. Then I had a brainwave, even if it was on the the bizarre side as I gave it a last try with the aid of a pair of old summer flip-flops in the wash drum while living with ice and snow in sub-zero temperatures right outside the windows…

IMG_9016smallHippy Felt Bag –felted © Irene Lundgaard 2010

I tried to introduce a bit of hot cheer by crocheting a new version of Hamish The Lion in Rowan Milk Cotton, delicious yarn that, but the pea-soup weather prevails and is frightfully depressing. IMG_9025smallI mean, today we have some +10C which is too cold for flip-flops too so in my opinion we might as well have the crisp white fields to look at and gain the wonderful extra shine of light from the snow and the crisp healthy air which we have enjoyed for the last month or so.

I guess there is only one really good cure; seeing that the weather forecast does not exactly promise clear blue skies for the next while. What the cure is? A deep dive on the colourful yarn stash, what else?

Note: The felted hip bag is worked in ‘Austermann Creativ + Filtz’ which is lovely to work and felts easily, just not in my washing machine. It comes in some interesting colour-ways too.

Crochet Pattern

Crochet Beanie Pattern

I have been experimenting with different sizes for the Cool Spring  Beanie & Scarf pattern and I am really happy with the result as my theory proved to hold water.  IMG_6279small

The pattern is made for adult sizes Small, Medium and Large, it’s worked in Artesano Alpaca DK* on hook size 4 mm. My theory was that if I swapped the DK yarn for 4ply and worked it on hook size 3.5 mm the beanie would be Toddler and Child sizes. My other theory was that working in DK on hook 3.5 would make sizes to fit the pre-teen bracket. I was right. The samples came out just as anticipated. Nice!

I am really happy with the way the eyelet pattern has worked out and the little girlie touch with the flower sets it off in a nice way, I think. I am completely mad about the Poinsetta coloured version. If it wasn’t so hard to digest, I just might take a bite of it.
The pattern is now for sale on the Pattern tab and on Etsy.

*The yarn can be replaced with yarn of a similar weight.


Re-working The Beanie

I have been experimenting with the Cool Spring Beanie Pattern over the last couple of days. I have tested the sizes and the pattern and it seems to work.


I was almost done typing it up, until the other day when I was plonked in The Yarn CouchTM Stephanie asked me if I had the pattern in a children’s size also. I don’t. Well, I didn’t. I more or less do now… Or rather, I’m busy testing if I do. I think I do.

What I do have is a little short skinny scarf to go with it. I thought it would be chic with a little scarf. I have mentioned it before, I really do like skinny scarves because they are not bulky although this time around I decided to make it a bit shorter than normal so it cannot be doubled up. Instead it will just lie on the neck with one simple soft knot. That’s the idea but there is nothing stopping anybody from buying an extra ball of wool and work the scarf that much longer.

I am working in the almost edible Artesano Alpaca DK. I really like the drape that the weight of the Alpaca gives. I hope to have the pattern up and running very soon. I just need to confirm that my size theory works first. Back to the hook…