hyperbolic crochet coral reef

My Hyperbolic Christmas

IMG_7530smallIn my own dogmatic mind I have decided to make as much reef out of Irish yarn as possible, I think that is very suitable for an Irish reef and what with the preservation of our planet such an integral part of the project, I think it is fitting.

The piece I am working on at the moment will be crochet from some 300 grams of Cushendale DK yarn. The yarn has a splendid coarse texture and really good bounce which makes it nice and naturally erect. Because the yarn is so tightly wound I have been able to work in trebles and include some rows of holes to try and make the piece airy and allow the proverbial water to flow in around it as it would in the water. It exites me to experiment with texture. Pure doubles are needed in softer yarns, not so in Cushendale.

smallThe colour is strong, much stronger than real coral would ever be, but I am besotted with the colours of Cushendale yarns. They have just the right hue and tone, all of them. The other day I was playing around with some skeins at The Yarn Room and was completely inspired. How could a basket like that not inspire?

My plan is to use the large red piece as a base for other corals to grow out of, so to speak. I am not sure my vision will materialize the way I plan, but I am sure of one thing and that is that I am having fun and I will let my hook guide me. Usually when I allow my hook to do what it wants, the result turns out OK.

What a gift it is to have time to explore the right half of my brain with no time constraints or alarm clocks ringing topped off with a bit of geometry in through the back door. Pure undiluted creativity. My biggest wish has come through!

I think I will call it Red for Energy and dedicate it to The Sisterhood.