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Cabled Mittens And A Bit About Donkeys

I have this weekend free from commitments other than the ones that I have to myself and the household I live in. I love having a couple of days like that and it means that I finally had time to do calculations on the Lazy Cable Fingerless Mittens from last week and to double check them too, before I release the pattern into the wild, which I have just done on

Cable mittens purpleLazy Cable Fingerless Mittens © Irene Lundgaard 2010

I have worked the mittens in the lovely Aran weight Alpaca from Artesano. That yarn is simply just a joy to work and the heat that the alpaca generated is second to none.

I have only made the pattern available on Ravelry so far, but I will load it on the pattern page here very soon. I just need to get that donkey out of the way first! You see, I’m also trying to tackle a crochet donkey this weekend. I don’t know what it is about donkeys, but they really are awkward creatures which they have proven to be in crochet too…

Note: This pattern is now available for sale here!

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Cables Of Sorts

Mittens with cablesI adore cable work, I think it’s beautiful and I love the ropey texture it gives, but I have a problem: I’m too lazy to actually do the cable needle fiddle that is needed to make genuine cable work… The other day I laid hands on some un-dyed Bluefaced Leicester yarn in Aran weight and the softness just had cabled warm mittens written all over it. Do you see my dilemma? I immediately put my thinking cap on, because I simply had to find a way to make cables in that yarn; or at least something cable-like.

This is the result; a simple twisted rib mitten which gives the appearance of a cable but without the fiddle of the cable needle. Love the simplicity and the somewhat rustic look combined with the warmest, softest wool. It’s a winner and the pattern is in the making, although the pattern will be in Aran weight Alpaca from Artesano – another winning yarn…