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Getting Ready For the Fair

The hook is red hot here! I’m crocheting like a mad woman – morning noon and night – and the hats, the snoods and the fingerless mitts are rolling off the hook for the Christmas Spirit Fair on Sunday. I took a few pictures of some of the hats and fingerless mittens today and though I would share.

Cool Yule Beanies and Fingerless Mitts by Irene Lundgaard 1Cool Yule Beanies & Fingerless Mitts © Irene Lundgaard

Cool Yule Beanies and Fingerless Mitts by Irene Lundgaard 2 Cool Yule Beanies & Fingerless Mitts – top view © Irene Lundgaard

Winter Blossom Headband by Irene Lundgaard 1Winter Blossom Headband © Irene Lundgaard

Winter Blossom Headband by Irene Lundgaard 2Winter Blossom Headband © Irene Lundgaard

I thought I would make some headbands too. I’m of the thick haired variety and often find hats too warm but still hate having cold ears and headbands are just perfect for that set of conditions. I have made some rather girlie ones – who says winter wear has to be dull and dark?

I have also got the pattern for some pretty outdoor snowflakes done, but the pictures did not come out too well, so they will be unleashed later in the week.

And now it’s back to the hook!

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A Head Full Of Hats

The Innocent Smoothie Big Knit has sparked my imagination and I have gone into hat-mode. Small hats, warm hats, fun hats, colourful hats, elegant hats, plain hats. Little ones, that is.

Granny Square Hat 2 Innocent Smoothie Big Knit By Irene Lundgaard - smallGranny Square Hat 3 Innocent Smoothie Big Knit By Irene Lundgaard - small
Innocent Smoothie Hat 2 by Irene Lundgaard - smallGranny Square Hat Innocent Smoothie Big Knit By Irene Lundgaard -  small
Collection of Innocent Smoothie Hats 2011 by Irene Lundgaard -  small

They are all small wee hats that are done in no time. I am having such fun and I’m completely inspired by all these little ones and have started a full size winter hat collection on the back of it.

Beanie Bobber by Irene Lundgaard - smallBeanie Bopper © Irene Lundgaard 2011

Winter Sun Hat by Irene Lundgaard - smallWinter Sun Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2011

These two ran off the hook in jig-time and there are more to come. I’m having fun with colour and texture, shape and imagination.
The summer has been so cold and grey here in Ireland and we are now facing into a dark winter and I have this notion of making it a colourful and warm one. No dark colours here…

I’ve taken a stall at the Tinahely Arts Group Art & Craft Fair at The Farm Shop in Tinahely on Sunday September 25th, I’ll make it a hat themed stall and encourage punters to make a hat for the Big Knit. More about all that later.

Note: If you would like to participate in The Big Knit 2011, check out the details here.


Red & Black Is Back

My ‘Make Your Own Presents‘ classes are commencing this week, so I have been busy with the hook developing a couple of new patterns and I have just completed the most luxurious sample of my newly released Hyperbolic Ashford Beanie pattern. I worked it in Debbie Bliss Fez which is 85% Merino Wool, and 15% Camel and it’s simply just luxuriously soft.


Hyperbolic Ashford Beanie © Irene Lundgaard

I have really enjoyed the creative process while developing this pattern. Not that there is much development to do in a beanie, then again, a bit of clever work with the hook makes it different. I like the way the ridges appear and I simply adore the simplicity of the hyperbolic shape. It is fun and funky to make and it’s quick too.

Materiale needed: 2 x 50 g Debbie Blizz Fez and hook 5 mm. Alternative yarn: Ístex Létt-Lopi. Skill level: Intermediate.


Having Hat Days


Hyperbolic Ashford Beanie © Irene Lundgaard

The last few days I have been working The Wall Of Yarn quite a lot and I have been fired up with ideas and have designed a wee beanie and managed to sneak a little Hyperbolic Crochet Sphere on to it too. I have worked in Ístex Létt-Lopi but the beanie can really be worked in any Aran or Worsted weight.

All I need to do now is to sit myself down at the keyboard and write it up. However, ‘The Wall Of Yarn’ was talking to me so I have another little project on the hook that I have an awful urge to do first! I also need to update the class booking tab, but first, to the hook! Yay!

Crochet Pattern

Crochet Beanie Pattern

I have been experimenting with different sizes for the Cool Spring  Beanie & Scarf pattern and I am really happy with the result as my theory proved to hold water.  IMG_6279small

The pattern is made for adult sizes Small, Medium and Large, it’s worked in Artesano Alpaca DK* on hook size 4 mm. My theory was that if I swapped the DK yarn for 4ply and worked it on hook size 3.5 mm the beanie would be Toddler and Child sizes. My other theory was that working in DK on hook 3.5 would make sizes to fit the pre-teen bracket. I was right. The samples came out just as anticipated. Nice!

I am really happy with the way the eyelet pattern has worked out and the little girlie touch with the flower sets it off in a nice way, I think. I am completely mad about the Poinsetta coloured version. If it wasn’t so hard to digest, I just might take a bite of it.
The pattern is now for sale on the Pattern tab and on Etsy.

*The yarn can be replaced with yarn of a similar weight.