Blue Morph Crochet

Hands Morphing Into Shovels

For the last week I have been crocheting like a demon and I have been having the jazziest time. Love jazz,don’t you? I have only broken one hook and I have probably also accelerated a touch of arthritis in my hands but most importantly, I have had the best fun for a very long time as I have been working on Victoria Vesna’s magical Blue Morph installation which goes on display at the Science Gallery tomorrow.

Blue Morph Hat to beBlue Morph To Be © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I have crochet and crochet and then some, so much so that the cells in my hands appear to have morphed into shovels. My hands are warm and they feel like they are double their normal size. Acrylic yarn and polythene are not exactly the kindest materials my hands have ever encountered…

I look forward to seeing the hat in it’s new incarnation tomorrow. I only have one final element to make and then my work is done. I will do a proper write-up of the process later, but first I need to teach some crochet!

I hope you will enjoy the show at the Science Gallery for the next month, they have all sorts of magical inspiring materials there!