flowers freeform crochet

In-between Crochet

I have an idea for a sweater I want to try and make but somehow I can’t get my crochet mojo in gear for it, so in the meantime I am having fun with flowers. Cute flowers, brash flowers, pretty flowers and all to be worn either on the head or around the neck!

Crochet Coral Flower Headband by Irene Lundgaard smallCrochet Coral Flower Headband
Irene Lundgaard 2013

I thought I would share a picture of one of the headbands I’ve made over the last few days. It’s made in flax and wool. I have some beautiful cones of spring and summer coloured flax all suited for about a 2 mm hook. I think the rustic yarn gives a nice texture to the flowers, not like the smooth look of mercerised cotton and I have this notion it will be easier to keep in place too.

I love crocheting flowers!

Asterix Asterix & Obelix Crochet tea cosy Workshop

Morning Glory Tea Cosy

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I could make her a tea cosy for a vintage teapot, which she was going to give away as a present. She showed me the teapot some days later and I was simply just inspired by the delicate China and not least the pretty colours.

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 2Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 1Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

My first thought was Einband wool from Ístex as the tea cosy needed to be made in something that would keep the tea warm – and what better than wool for that – but more importantly, the colours were to be just right too. I wanted it to add to the shape and delicate feel of the China teapot too so the yarn could not be too bulky.

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 4Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Morning Glory Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard - 3Morning Glory Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I like the result and think that the Éinband worked on a 2.5 mm hook does exactly what it should with beautiful stitch definition.

There is no doubt that the tea cosy is related to the one I did for the Asterix movie, the materials are the same and the relatively delicate feel is the same too. I worked some Forget-me-nots, Daisies and Morning Glories along with some leaves; wild and beautiful flowers.

I have this sense that more will be rolling off the hook sooner rather than later!… Yes, I’m inspired. Wonderful!


Preparing Another Workshop In Denmark

I am preparing another workshop at the County Library in Skive, Denmark on Sunday November 20th. The title is Christmas Gift Making and yes, I do use that word now as I know that in order to make the deadline, we crafters need to get going now!

I have already prepared a good few ideas but I thought I would share a peep at a coffee cosy for a plunger pot I’m working on. I know it’s much in fashion to do the tea cosy thing, but some of us are coffee drinkers and we need heat too. I do plan on making a tea cosy similar in style. A tea cosy is somehow cuter than a coffee cosy. Must be the ‘lowness’ of the pot what does it!

Coffee Cosy by Irene LundgaardFlora’s Coffee Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2011

All this talk of coffee has made me hanker after a cup and I have a feeling somebody else in the household wouldn’t say no either if offered. I better go and put the kettle on!

Note: The yarn is Lett-Lopi from Istex.

Design Knitting

A Riotous Bag Of Colour

I have been eyeing up this  Filzi yarn from German Schoeller + Stahl made specifically for fulling, for quite some time. I just never really had the time for the inspiration to come by and take the craving for the yarn very far. However, these in-between days where I don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time are ideal for some lateral creative thinking. The other day I finished my little Hippy Felt Bag, which is made in Austermann Creativ + Filz and right now I have a bigger bag affair on the needles.

IMG_9102smallThese yarns are so soft and come in the most hilarious colours which inspired me to go a bit berserk on the colour front. One of my all time favourite colour combinations is orange, hot pink and bright red; it’s a completely over the top combination, but what’s not to like about a dollop of colour like that on a damp and dark winters day?  I ran the  ‘Bonbon Bag’ off the needles while on the road to Dublin the other day. There was a couple of false starts, a very little bit of somewhat bad language and a lot of colour hilarity. I know that the shrinkage rate is some 30-40% in the washing machine, that is if one does not have a tractor of a washing machine like mine… All I need to do now is work a very long I-cord and then I’ll get the flip-flops out again. They will go well with the sunny colour of the bag, methinks.

Crochet Yarn Classes

Blooming Crocheters


Last night we commenced another class of beginners crochet in Tinahely. It was a great bunch and their work was very neat too. Quite impressive for first timers and next week they will be blooming in every sense fo that word.

On Saturday I was down at Rathwood promoting the classes that are commencing there tomorrow morning and while I was there I started this flower. Today I finally got around to sewing away the ends. It’s a real autumnal flower and so is the weather today. I am just waiting for it to get dark enough to light the candles and grab the hook. I have plenty of unfinished crochet business to keep me happy for the rest of the day…

Crochet Yarn Classes

Remnant Busters

IMG_6439smallThe other day I found a luxurious little remnant of Manos del Uruguay and had to make something nice. Crochet flowers are great remnant busters and a couple like this on a lapel will jazz any jacket or sweater up for a bit of fun. I get a thrill out of the ease with which it is possible to make something so decorative; only having one live stitch at a time gives great freedom. Crochet really is a lovely yarn art and I am sharing the skill in another class for beginners on Friday afternoon at The Yarn Room.


In Bloom

IMG_6294smallThese are some samples for the crochet flower class on Saturday. I made a couple of traditional and simple ones and then the one brash and bold one which is actually also very simply made.

The brash and bold one is made to explore the effect of combining different classes of yarn. It is quite nice to see how well the heavy aran weight combined with 4ply can become ever so light on it’s woolly feet!

All I need to do now is the documentation of the process…


Flower Power

I am currently preparing the material for the Crochet Flower class at The Yarn Room this coming Saturday and thought I would share the amazing transforming powers of flowers.

I made the very flattering Bellflower sweater by Liselotte Weller during the winter in a plain sage colour and I though I would try it out with some Flower Power. The sweater wool is quite rough, and not for the faint hearted so the sweater is also better known as The Rug but that has nothing to do with anything really. As I mentioned, it’s plain in colour and quite discreet really.

IMG_6286smallI am working some smaller flowers for the class, but thought I would let rip on one for myself so I worked this enormous one to show how a a bit of clever decoration can transform a plain garment. The transformation is quite significant in this case I think. The flower is so large that I had to use three pins to make it sit right and by using pins rather than sewing it on permanently the sweater is nice and versatile and can easily be turned back into being it’s plain old self again. This would obviously work on a plain knitted sweater too.


Now that is Flower Power if I ever saw it!