Crochet flowers

A Bunch Of Crochet Flowers For A Friend

I thought I’d share a little bunch of crochet pink flowers I made for a friend who has been unwell. They are crochet in cottons from my stash. I had many colours of yarn but somehow the pinks spoke to me while diving for yarn. I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves while I contemplate what flowers to make for six green striped China cup and saucer sets that I have. Perhaps just something simple in cream. We’ll see what rolls off the hook.

Bouquette of Crochet Flowers By Irene Lundgaard 1Bouquette of Crochet Flowers By Irene Lundgaard 5Crochet Bouquet Of Flowers In Cotton
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

Crochet flowers are great to give as a present to somebody in hospital as many hospitals do not allow cut flowers on the wards.

Note: If you are interested in purchasing crochet flowers along the lines of these, drop me a mail on

Crochet Workshop

Edelweiss Arm Band

I have arrived in Denmark and I’m busy finalizing the last few items for the workshops on Friday and Saturday. I thought I’d share a quick photo of one of the items that we will be working on on Saturday. It’s an armband in some lovely cotton and when my mother saw the flowers she immediately called them Edelweiss, her name is Edel – perfection!

Crochet Edelweiss Arm Decoration by Irene Lundgaard

Edelweiss Arm Band in Cotton
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

My mother is playing a blinder helping me out, she has sewn away A LOT of ends on my models for the workshops! That is what I call true love! Tak Mor!


My New Adventure

I have always been a maker, I have made everything from papier-mâché puppies to stencilled postcards but yarn has always been my staple medium for making – be that in knitting or in crochet. Crochet, in latter years, has taken the largest chunk of my maker energy as I always have to be ahead with new ideas for my classes and workshops and then there is the odd pattern that runs off the hook too.

Crochet Flwoer Headbands in Flax and Wool by Irene Lundgaard 2Crochet Morning Glory Hair Band and Necklace by Irene LundgaardCrochet Flwoer Headbands in Flax and Wool by Irene LundgaardCrochet Flower Headbands & Scarf In Flax and Wool
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I am often asked if I sell my work, which I have not done much but that is all changing now as I have started selling my crochet in Deirdre Minogue’s Sale Shop in Tinahely, Co Wicklow which is full to the brim with gorgeous and distinctive clothes at reduced rates.

I have a nice space in the shop where my unique crochet is on display. At the moment I have focused on pretty flower hair-bands along with scarves, hats and some fingerless mittens too – and there are hand knit socks on offer as well! Everything is made in natural fibres be that flax, wool, cotton, alpaca, silk and mohair and many are one off pieces, never to be replicated. My stock and range will build up as I get the hook going.

The shop is located on Bridge Street in Tinahely, just on the left as you enter the village from the bridge and it’s open every Friday and Saturday from 11am – 5pm. I will be manning the shop on Saturdays and I hope you will join me, come in and say hello, I’d love to see you there!

I will be selling items in my Etsy Shop too, however, for the moment, I have to focus on making, but I will let you know when I have stock available on Etsy too.

Note: Regular crochet classes are still available, details can be found here!

Crochet Design

Tinahely Arts Group Craft Fair

Arts and Craft Fair Farm Shop Tinahely 2012There are no idle hands here these days. Last night we, the Tinahely Arts Group, celebrated Culture Night with interactive displays and Words in the village, I also had crochet words in the village but I will write properly about them later because right now, the focus is on the Tinahely Arts Group Arts & Craft Fair at the Tinahely Farm Shop tomorrow Sunday 23rd from 11 – 5.

I am one of the stall holders at the event and seeing that Rebecca and Philip use real vintage china cups in their Tea Rooms, I thought it appropriate to theme my stall around Tea Cosies and also something vintage. What’s more vintage in crochet than Granny Square?… I have made them medium to small as I hear a lot of single people complaining that they can’t get a tea cosy for small pots. Obviously, there will also be family size ones.

Granny Square Tea Cosy by Irene Lundgaard Granny Square Tea Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Crochet Chickens by Irene LundgaardI thought I would also make a bit of fun stuff like a few little chicks, seeing that we are going to have the fair on a farm. I created the chicks a while back but they never really got any further than the development stage, but now that I have actually made a few, I think I will have to make a pattern. They are cheerful to have hanging in a fish line about the place, I think.

My mother is a florist and instilled a love of cut flowers in my from an early age. She had a fantastic flower border in the garden when I was a little girl and Rebecca Hadden of the Tinahely Farm Shop is also a fine florist and for that reason I thought I would also keep a flower theme going on my stall so pretty flower brooches are running off the hook at the speed of light here. I will do a crochet flower demonstration on my stall and I hope you will join me and be inspired.

Crochet Flower Broches by Irene Lundgaard Crochet Flower Brooches © Irene Lundgaard 2012

The Tinahely Arts & Craft Fair opens at the Tinahely Farm Shop on Sunday September 23rd at 11 to 5, the tea rooms and shop will also be open. I hope you can join us! 


Preparing Another Workshop In Denmark

I am preparing another workshop at the County Library in Skive, Denmark on Sunday November 20th. The title is Christmas Gift Making and yes, I do use that word now as I know that in order to make the deadline, we crafters need to get going now!

I have already prepared a good few ideas but I thought I would share a peep at a coffee cosy for a plunger pot I’m working on. I know it’s much in fashion to do the tea cosy thing, but some of us are coffee drinkers and we need heat too. I do plan on making a tea cosy similar in style. A tea cosy is somehow cuter than a coffee cosy. Must be the ‘lowness’ of the pot what does it!

Coffee Cosy by Irene LundgaardFlora’s Coffee Cosy © Irene Lundgaard 2011

All this talk of coffee has made me hanker after a cup and I have a feeling somebody else in the household wouldn’t say no either if offered. I better go and put the kettle on!

Note: The yarn is Lett-Lopi from Istex.


Craft Day @ Mermaid Arts Centre

Craft Day - Mermaid
I am teaching crochet flowers for The Yarn Room on Craft Day at the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray on Saturday July 9th @ 3.00 – 5.00 pm while Serena is going to teach flower looming. I love teaching crochet flowers, they are fun to make and decorative too!  I hope you would like to join in the fun too; you can book your space now!

Note: Click on the poster to see the link with the entire programme for the day.


Mermaid’s Flowers

2011 is The Year of Craft . I think it’s wonderful with the focus on craft as there are so many very talented people who often get very little recognition for their handiwork. Not so this year.

crochet flowers by Irene Lundgaard

The Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray are celebrating creativity in Co Wicklow with a series of textile workshops for all the family. I will be giving an action packed, colourful workshop in making crochet flowers through the engagement of The Yarn Room, where I teach crochet classes regularly, for the event. The workshop is at the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray on Saturday July 9th, 2011. See you there!

Crochet Fun

Glow In The Dark – Earth Hour

No need to have the lights on with these guys about the house! Just sayin’!

glow in the dark crochet flowers in pot by Irene LundgaardGlow In The Dark Flowers © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I’m Honouring Earth Hour right now! Are you?


Scary Stuff

I have been asked to do a bunch of flowers in an acrylic yarn but I don’t ‘do’ acrylics. Full Stop. Well, I didn’t.

crochet flowersScary Flowers © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I react to acrylics like people who feel the scratch of wool. I can wear the coarsest wool on my bare skin and it wouldn’t irritate me one bit. But I cannot hack acrylics. Just can’t. Not only can I not hack it, but I also find the colours dead and boring and not least, lifeless. Not to mention the whole environmental impact these petroleum based yarns have. But now see what I have been asked to do… Scary Flowers galore!

The yarn is Schoeller+Stahl HIT and not too bad to work with although it is 100% poly-acrylic and you most certainly cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, call the colours dead.

Yes, I made those and I wrote that – scary stuff!!!