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Twisting Granny Squares Out Of The Hook

I have had a few nice days off and for some reason, the crochet hooks have been fairly idle too! However, I am preparing workshops for the new year and not least my regular classes which commence on Thursday January 10th again and last night an idea for some fun Granny Squares struck – Granny Squares with a twist at that!

Granny Squares with a twist by Irene LundgaardCushendale DK/Mohair © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Earlier today I dug out this palette of yarn – all from the wonderful Irish Cushendale Wollen Mills. I have just wound the skeins and I’m ready for take off! Wish me luck!


Granny By The Irish Sea

Manifesting ideas and following up on inspiration can sometimes just be a simple little task. Other times it’s a big involved process with many twists and turns and not always a good outcome.

Granny by The Irish Sea - 1Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I have wanted to do a lap blanket in the tried and trusted style of the Granny Square for a while. I like the simplicity of the stitch and find that very many of my crochet pupils have only this as a frame of reference in crochet from their childhoods. I often see people finding their long lost skill from then after a couple of rounds of double crochet stitches, they find the embodied knowledge and automatically move on to trebles almost without my saying anything. It’s an interesting observation, to realize that we carry this old knowledge just under our skin and very little is sometimes needed to re-kindle it.

Granny by The Irish Sea - 3Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011

When I selected the yarn for this blanket I went for the lovely Cushendale DK and Mohair. I adore that yarn. My simple inspiration is the trip I had to the Irish Sea last weekend where I enjoyed looking at the foam from the waves licking the coast and stretching my eye far to find the horizon.

The Cushendale colours are outstanding and always just right! In this case I use the green Rowan colour to symbolise the land as it meanders it’s way down to where the surf is foaming up, which is illustrated by the Glacier Mohair. The Sea colour illustrates the deep blue colour that you see immediately off shore, where the seabed plunges down into the deep and the Jade colour is illustrating the green, shining expanse that you see when you lift your eye to find the line of the horizon in the distance.

This is the simplest of manifestations of inspiration ever, but no less valid than the complicated manifestations in my books.


I’m Having An Affair

Every so often a certain yarn just takes my fancy. For a long while it was the Kauni Effect Yarn that had my attention; come to think of it, it might just jump onto the hook again in the very near future. I just haven’t worked anything in it for a while – although I have a couple of balls of very nice purple that could work up fast enough for this winter… Another yarn that I’m pretty besotted by is the Artesano Aran, that is one seriously nice yarn too.

IMG_8024smallYummy Yarn Affair © Irene Lundgaard 2010

My latest great yarn love is Rowan Felted Tweed DK, my mouth water just writing down the name of that yarn. It’s the whole package I’m besotted with, the colours, the texture and not least the lightness of the yarn and the warmth of it and the… The list goes on, and yes, I have it bad, so much so that last night when I had finished work for the day I grabbed a size 4.5 mm hook, and I was off. I didn’t hit the bed until well into the small hours. I simply HAD to manifest my idea there and then…

Right now there are more ideas lining up in quick succession. The back of the envelope that I grabbed is near full of my scribbles. And the weather is playing ball too. Loads of snow is the perfect excuse to take out the lap blanket and snuggle up in the settee with the yarn stash and the hook collection. Oh yes, I am most certainly having an affair, a yarn affair!

Note: The colours chosen are reflecting my logo colours, yet again. Amazing how this happens subconsciously all the time.