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The Rhythm Of Crochet

A while ago, (a year to be exact, I have just been reliably told, cough-cough! How time flies!) I was given a gorgeous and very inspiring gift. I was given a piece of crochet music. Donal wrote a pretty little tune for me all inspired by the rhythm of my crochet hook.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any bigger than that as gifts go in my world!

Not only did Donal write the music, he also made me a video with an animated crochet hook interspersed with pictures of some of my crochet.

Donal called the tune “Get Hooked” and that is exactly what he has done. I’m hooked on it and I think Donal has completely captured the rhythm of a crochet hook in the tune and let’s face it, he does hear a lot of it! Words like “obsessive compulsive” does regularly make their way across the room to me for some reason…

I love that little humpty-dumpty rhythm he has captured, it is so melodic and great crochet music to my ears. I adore this little video, I adore the tune and truth be told, I adore Donal, but that’s my own little private secret…

Enjoy the music!


His, Her & Their Lot Hats

I finally have all the presents done and nearly good to go to Denmark on Wednesday.  I just need to sew on pom-poms and weave in ends.

His and Her Hats
His & Her Hats worked in Alpaca © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I made a His & Her Hat set out of two balls of Alpaca reversing the colours and making the His hat  manly by crocheting two sections of stripes. They are so snug and just yum!

Kiddos Hat Collection 2011Their Lot Hats © Irene Lundgaard 2011

All the kiddos hats are a bit of fun cheer! They are worked in Studio Donegal from Ireland, Tekapo by Ashford in New Zealand and Lett Lopi from Iceland. The blue and green one is a real boys hat, I think.

And I think there will not be any more hats for a while here. I feel rather “hatted out”…


Present Making Into The Small Hours

Peace reigns in the sofa and piles of presents are rolling off the hook…

Crochet Nisse Elf and Pizie Hat by Irene LundgaardNisse, Pixie and Elf Hats © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I’m nearly there! Hope you are too!


The Innocence Of Charity

Innocent Big Knit by Irene Lundgaard in The Irish TimesThe Innocent Big Knit was on earlier in the year and what a great cause they raise money for. Age Action Ireland benefit every year from the hard work of very many knitters and crocheters around Ireland.

I was one of the contributors again this year and one of my little hats even made it to the back of The Irish Times. It doesn’t get any bigger than that!…

At the moment very many people in this country do not have much money to give to charity, but many are rich in time and perhaps this Christmas is the time to take some real Age Action and go and visit all our ageing neighbours and check that they are warm and snug.

And never mind that they got most of the facts wrong about my contribution in the ad. My hat was crochet not knit and my surname was mangled, but the hat is mine and it raised 25 cent for Age Action Ireland and hopefully some awareness too.

If Innocent Smoothies realized the work that goes into making these hats they might just raise the bar fiscally next year, but perhaps that wish is just a bit too innocent on my part…

Note: Picture borrowed from The Irish Times November 14th, 2011.


Colourful Fair Sneak Peek

My hooks are red hot these chilly days as they are busy making stock for our Christmas Spirit Fair on Sunday. Much of my produce is inspired by the cold in the sense that it’s things to keep things warm be that people’s heads or tea and coffee pots! Everything is made in pure yarns like Alpaca, wool and some silk blends too. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the tea-cosies and some hats too.

Christmas Spirit  Fair Courthouse Arts Centre 2011 - some stock
Colourful Woolly Warmers for Christmas Spirit Fair
at Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely
© Irene Lundgaard 2011

I have still to do all the finishing, but the stock is building up just nicely and one thing is certain, my busy hands are not cold these days!


Danish Pixie Irish Style

Christmas Elf HatIn Denmark we have pixies rather than elves helping for Christmas.  However, pixies are not always all that helpful, they also do cheeky things like turning milk blue in cartons in the fridge or messing up all the shoes in the hall.

A pixie is something along the lines of a Leprechaun, they are about all year round but are most noticeable in the month of December and Christmas. Yesterday I made this hat for channelling my inner Irish Leprechaun come Danish pixie as I made a pixie
hat in green, naturally! And blue…

Christmas Elf Hat 2I like the month of December, I like all the cosy aspects of Christmas. The tree, the lights, the darkness, the food, the home baking and not least the ‘home-making ‘. I personally turn into a right Christmas Elf  and this year I am making hats galore, I’m making hats for people and hats for coffee and tea pots too.  I will have photos of them later in the week as they are all going to be on my stall for the Christmas Spirit Fair at the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely on Sunday 11th. But for now, I will put on my new pixie hat and wear it for the rest of the month until Christmas… And then I better get going with the hook for Sunday!

Note: The hat is worked in the cheerfully coloured Lett Lopi and soft Bouclé Mohair from Cushendale Woolen Mills.

You can read more about the Scandinavian ‘nisse’ (pixie) here.

Crochet The Big Knit

Innocent Big Knit – Last Chance

The Innocent Big Knit 2011 really got my creative juices going. I ended up making a collection of miniature hats in Einband yarn from Istex. Every time I made a hat another one was queuing up to be made. I love when creativity flows like that.

These are examples of some of the hats I made. The plan is to have a vote on which five of the hats I should make into patterns for real people – if any at all.

Publication1Innocent Smoothie Big Knit Contribution
Irene Lundgaard 2011

The last chance for submissions this time around is on Friday 14th, so tomorrow will be delivery day for me. I also have the ones I ran up for the Tinahely Big Knit in September and I just realized that not all the ends are sewn away on those, so that’s my evening sorted!… Have you sent in your contribution yet?

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A Head Full Of Hats

The Innocent Smoothie Big Knit has sparked my imagination and I have gone into hat-mode. Small hats, warm hats, fun hats, colourful hats, elegant hats, plain hats. Little ones, that is.

Granny Square Hat 2 Innocent Smoothie Big Knit By Irene Lundgaard - smallGranny Square Hat 3 Innocent Smoothie Big Knit By Irene Lundgaard - small
Innocent Smoothie Hat 2 by Irene Lundgaard - smallGranny Square Hat Innocent Smoothie Big Knit By Irene Lundgaard -  small
Collection of Innocent Smoothie Hats 2011 by Irene Lundgaard -  small

They are all small wee hats that are done in no time. I am having such fun and I’m completely inspired by all these little ones and have started a full size winter hat collection on the back of it.

Beanie Bobber by Irene Lundgaard - smallBeanie Bopper © Irene Lundgaard 2011

Winter Sun Hat by Irene Lundgaard - smallWinter Sun Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2011

These two ran off the hook in jig-time and there are more to come. I’m having fun with colour and texture, shape and imagination.
The summer has been so cold and grey here in Ireland and we are now facing into a dark winter and I have this notion of making it a colourful and warm one. No dark colours here…

I’ve taken a stall at the Tinahely Arts Group Art & Craft Fair at The Farm Shop in Tinahely on Sunday September 25th, I’ll make it a hat themed stall and encourage punters to make a hat for the Big Knit. More about all that later.

Note: If you would like to participate in The Big Knit 2011, check out the details here.

Crochet Design

Granny A Go-Go

My Granny Square affair is red hot …

IMG_8122smallGranny A Go-Go Yummy Yarn Affair © Irene Lundgaard 2010

Granny A Go-Go Head Band
© Irene Lundgaard 2010

Granny A Go-Go Slouchy Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2010

All stock for the Fair in just over a week! Much woollies needed these days!


Flopsy Dahlia Sun Hat

I am born an optimist and I think making a sun hat these days proves that point to the full. It ain’t exactly sun we are gifted with in Ireland these days, nor is it heat. Nevertheless, I crochet this ladies sun hat, just because I could. I wanted to test the texture that a discreet bit of mesh would do on a hat and I think it works.

IMG_3516smallFlopsy Dahlia Sun Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2010

I have worked the hat in Cushendale 4ply on a size 4.5 mm hook. It’s worked top down and the floppy brim is worked on a size 3.5 mm hook to make it more rigid. I adorned it with a big fluffy Dahlia-like flower, just because I could. Well, as a matter of fact, it’s more like just because I couldn’t help myself…

Click on each thumbnail for larger view.

I have loaded a few more photos on Flickr which can be seen right here. Now I just hope that Met Éireann are right when they say that a high pressure is due later in the week. It might just, with a bit of optimistic luck, bring some sunshine and a reason to air the hat.

Note: If enough interest is shown in the hat, I will make up the pattern. Please drop me a message if you think I should make this pattern available.

IMG_3516smallFlower Flopsy Sun Hat © Irene Lundgaard 2010