crochet hook

A Printed Crochet Hook

A while back I lost my 8mm crochet hook. Well, perhaps I didn’t quite lose it, but it’s missing and I haven’t ordered a replacement for various reasons, one of them being that I am mainly working on my 2 mm hook at the moment.

Donal made me this lovely tune and video to go with it and designed the 3D hook which he animated and all. When I saw the hook he had designed I fell in love. I thought it looked very cute although I wasn’t sure how practical it would be.

Donal has been toying with 3D printing for a while and asked me if I would like a new crochet hook. I immediately said yes and got him to make me an 8mm hook. We worked a bit on the shape and what fun we had working it out.

Today was the day the hook arrived. Great excitement!

Delivery of 3D printed crochet hook made by Donal Donohoe3D printed crochet hook by Donal Donohoe3D Printed Crochet Hook Made by Donal
Irene Lundgaard 2013

TADAAAAAAAA! The hook came well wrapped and placed in a plastic bag. This is the first ever 3D printing done in this house and we loved it, unfortunately, it turned out that the material was not smooth but had a rough surface making it a wee bit testing to crochet with.

3D printed crochet hook by Donal Donohoe for Irene LundgaardTesting My 3D Printed Crochet Hook Made by Donal
Irene Lundgaard 2013

A bit of a rough surface was not going to stop me from working with the hook which was so lovingly made for me. Out came the yarn and off I went. There are a couple of adjustments needed to the design of the hook, but honestly, I will love this hook to bits! It was made with love and care! Perhaps we will be able to change the few bits that needs changing and giving it another go but with a smooth surface. In the meantime, I think a whirl with the emery board might improve matters… One way or another, I love that hook!


My Worn Out Hook

The other night I was crocheting away with my all time favourite hook, my 2.5 mm Clover Soft Touch! It’s one smooth tool, it’s ergonomically correct and the delicate fabric it creates is just my type of thing. I was working in Kauni Effekt with all that entails of gorgeous scent of lanolin and corresponding soft hands, not to mention the charming twigs and somewhat rustic surface the yarn has – and the colour changes. Drool!

Worn out Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook by Irene LundgaardI was basically in crochet heaven!

That is, until this strange metallic smell started to emit from my crochet. In fairness, my hands were warm and I just thought it was the scent of the lanolin at that particular spot of the yarn so I just ploughed on… Then I felt the hook was catching a bit and started to investigate further. It turned out that I had basically worn out my wonderful hook. The coating had worn off the neck and the neck was bent too – I was working some tapestry crochet and was working quite tightly and obviously with too much vigour…

The scent of metal came from a combination of the friction and the heat of my hands and no coating on the neck of the hook. I had to down tool as I all of a sudden realized that actually do not possess another hook in that size. Shame on me!

I have ordered a new hook at The Yarn Room

Note: The fancy crochet hook holder is made by the lovely Marlen who is much tidier than I am! 😉 She kindly gave it to me as a homemade present some time ago. Isn’t it just fun and gorgeous? Thank you Marlen!