The Hyperbolic Language

I’m a linguist. I am not a mathematician. Not at all. But somehow I have managed to grasp the principle behind the manifestation of hyperbolic shapes – that’s geometry!!! I put it down to the fact that I understand yarn and crochet hooks really well and with a good dollop of help from the very linguistically astute Institute of Figuring I can figure what I am supposed to do to make the right shapes. It’s just that I don’t understand the mathematical formula behind, but that doesn’t really matter, does it?

IMG_6924smallThis is a hyperbolically ruffled Noro Sock Yarn neck-thingy in progress and I love it. I saw that ruffles are very much in vogue on the cat walk this winter and the hyperbolic shape is just that. The Noro Sock Yarn makes nice colour variation and it’s soft too. As I work, the ideas are coming fast and furious and I already now know that only one or two will ever make it onto the hook.

To me the art of making the yarn speak for itself is one of the biggest challenges. I’m not sure how a mathematician would make that happen but we linguists, we talk to our yarn all the time and find our way in unison with the yarn and form a nice result…