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The Poncho Tunic Thing

In January I started a poncho which morphed into a sweater and eventually became a tunic type thing… I finished it some weeks ago but never got photos taken to share. However, the other day I got some shots of it and thought I would share one here.

The Poncho Tunic 2 by Irene LundgaardThe Poncho Tunic © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I’m currently working on the pattern which will be released in it’s own good time. But for now, I simply just wanted to share the picture. It is nice and warm to wear and I have a feeling another one may just roll off the hook in other colours as the shape is quite flattering.

It was great fun to crochet this tunic, I basically worked each element three times before I settled on the design. There are still a couple of tweaks to do, but they can be done in the maths of the pattern. I’m quite excited about this sweater. It’s warm and I think it’s pretty too. Nice with a good feeling of achievement after a lot of crocheting.

The yarn used is the Irish Cushendale DK from Cushendale Woollen Mills. I would like to make a version in Donegal Soft DK although their colours are not quite as exquisite as Cushendale’s, if you ask me, but then that yarn is so soft…  Hard choice! Knowing me, it will be colour that wins. It always is. Every time!

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Morphed Crochet

Poncho Tunic by Irene LundgaardOn Friday night I started working on a crochet poncho, I had this idea that a new poncho would suit my wardrobe just right and at the same time the end product could be used in my upcoming workshop and crochet class where participants can design their own poncho. It’s a fun class and I had the best time picking colours for the project! I landed on main colours in Cushendale DK and some Noro Silk Garden Lite for a bit of discreet colour effect.

However, once I started crocheting the poncho morphed itself into a sweater, which meant there was quite a bit of ripping and perhaps just the tiniest bit of cursing involved. Just a bit, naturally! However, when the sweater was well under way the poncho yet again took on a life of it’s own and morphed further by turning itself into a tunic. Or rather, it turned itself into wanting to become a tunic and there was the corresponding amount of ripping and just the tiniest bit of cursing involved too. And right now, I think I’m on the home stretch, but only time will tell. Sleeves are yet to be made as is most of the main body and God only knows what that will morph into, but one thing is for sure, I’m fairly well rehearsed in the cursing department, whatever happens! Wish me luck!

PS. I made a typo in the word ‘crochet’ when I was writing this and the spell checker suggested ‘ricochet’ as the correct spelling… Now, there’s a thought!