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Today I brought my very colourful current crochet project to Deirdre Minogue’s Shop in Tinahely. The project is a wrap in pinks and purples and orange and red and it’s quite in your face in the colourful fun sense of in your face! I tried to capture the colours with my camera, but did not completely succeed, put here is a taste of it. Sunglasses may be required!

Crochet Purple And Pink Wrap in Cushendale Boucle Mohair by Irene Lundgaard 2 Crochet Purple & Pink Wrap in Cushendale Bouclé Mohair
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I finally had a few pieces of crochet that did not have a name on them yet to bring to the shop. I updated the the Kelp & Sea Foam Wrap with a crochet brooch to keep it in place off one shoulder and then I teamed it up with a pretty little dress in jersey, pretty and simple.

Kelp and Sea Foam Scarf in Cushendale Mohair by Irene Lundgaard at Deirdre Minogue TinahelyKelp & Sea Foam Scarf in Cushendale Bouclé Mohair
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

I also brought a pair of delicious delicate turquoise fingerless mittens with me. They are in a hand dyed yarn and made in pure, soft merino in a lace weight.

Turquoise Fingerless Mittens with Orange Blossom and Leaf Embellishment by Irene Lundgaard at Deirdre Minogue Tinahely 2Delicate Crochet Fingerless Mittens in Turquoise Soft Merino
© Irene Lundgaard 2013

This coming week I will be focusing my energy on the final preparations for the Workshops I’ll me doing in Denmark on Friday and Saturday at the County Library in Skive. More about that later. Right now, I’ll grab my hook and get the colourful wrap completed.

Note: Deirdre Minogue’s Shop in Tinahely, Co Wicklow is open every Friday and Saturday from 11-6. I am in the shop every Saturday although through April, I will mostly be there on Fridays. Hope to see you there!

Crochet granny square Workshop Yarn Classes

Twisting Granny Squares Out Of The Hook

I have had a few nice days off and for some reason, the crochet hooks have been fairly idle too! However, I am preparing workshops for the new year and not least my regular classes which commence on Thursday January 10th again and last night an idea for some fun Granny Squares struck – Granny Squares with a twist at that!

Granny Squares with a twist by Irene LundgaardCushendale DK/Mohair © Irene Lundgaard 2012

Earlier today I dug out this palette of yarn – all from the wonderful Irish Cushendale Wollen Mills. I have just wound the skeins and I’m ready for take off! Wish me luck!


Present Making Into The Small Hours

Peace reigns in the sofa and piles of presents are rolling off the hook…

Crochet Nisse Elf and Pizie Hat by Irene LundgaardNisse, Pixie and Elf Hats © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I’m nearly there! Hope you are too!


Danish Pixie Irish Style

Christmas Elf HatIn Denmark we have pixies rather than elves helping for Christmas.  However, pixies are not always all that helpful, they also do cheeky things like turning milk blue in cartons in the fridge or messing up all the shoes in the hall.

A pixie is something along the lines of a Leprechaun, they are about all year round but are most noticeable in the month of December and Christmas. Yesterday I made this hat for channelling my inner Irish Leprechaun come Danish pixie as I made a pixie
hat in green, naturally! And blue…

Christmas Elf Hat 2I like the month of December, I like all the cosy aspects of Christmas. The tree, the lights, the darkness, the food, the home baking and not least the ‘home-making ‘. I personally turn into a right Christmas Elf  and this year I am making hats galore, I’m making hats for people and hats for coffee and tea pots too.  I will have photos of them later in the week as they are all going to be on my stall for the Christmas Spirit Fair at the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely on Sunday 11th. But for now, I will put on my new pixie hat and wear it for the rest of the month until Christmas… And then I better get going with the hook for Sunday!

Note: The hat is worked in the cheerfully coloured Lett Lopi and soft Bouclé Mohair from Cushendale Woolen Mills.

You can read more about the Scandinavian ‘nisse’ (pixie) here.


Granny By The Irish Sea

Manifesting ideas and following up on inspiration can sometimes just be a simple little task. Other times it’s a big involved process with many twists and turns and not always a good outcome.

Granny by The Irish Sea - 1Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I have wanted to do a lap blanket in the tried and trusted style of the Granny Square for a while. I like the simplicity of the stitch and find that very many of my crochet pupils have only this as a frame of reference in crochet from their childhoods. I often see people finding their long lost skill from then after a couple of rounds of double crochet stitches, they find the embodied knowledge and automatically move on to trebles almost without my saying anything. It’s an interesting observation, to realize that we carry this old knowledge just under our skin and very little is sometimes needed to re-kindle it.

Granny by The Irish Sea - 3Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011

When I selected the yarn for this blanket I went for the lovely Cushendale DK and Mohair. I adore that yarn. My simple inspiration is the trip I had to the Irish Sea last weekend where I enjoyed looking at the foam from the waves licking the coast and stretching my eye far to find the horizon.

The Cushendale colours are outstanding and always just right! In this case I use the green Rowan colour to symbolise the land as it meanders it’s way down to where the surf is foaming up, which is illustrated by the Glacier Mohair. The Sea colour illustrates the deep blue colour that you see immediately off shore, where the seabed plunges down into the deep and the Jade colour is illustrating the green, shining expanse that you see when you lift your eye to find the line of the horizon in the distance.

This is the simplest of manifestations of inspiration ever, but no less valid than the complicated manifestations in my books.


Lazy Lace Scarf

IMG_6570smallI always had a weak spot for mohair, particularly the bouclé variety and I still do. First of all, I adore the fluffy cloud of puff that it gives when worked. I adore it because the sky is almost the limit when it comes to hook size and the colours are usually great as well, and finally, it has great mileage too.

I have been eyeing up the luscious colours of the Cushendale Bouclé Mohair for a while and the other day when I was groping around the hooks at The Yarn Room I found a size 15 mm hook and I simply had to try it out and thought the mohair and the hook was a marriage made in heaven. I think this simple scarf could be a seller at the Yarn Classes where some of the women have already mentioned The C-word

I worked this Lazy Lace Scarf in the wonderful Glacier colour. The icy cold yarn colour reminds me of the crisp winter sky on a clear frosty day of the island where I grew up in Denmark. I worked it as a long puffy scarf that can be doubled as is the fashion or simply just wrapped around the neck three or four times forming a charming puff. Simple but effective…

Apologies for the poor picture quality, daylight is becoming scarce again, more time for the hook, right?…


The Colourful Guts of Kauni

The crochet classes are going really well. Yesterday we commenced in Rathwood which was very nice. Bright and airy and friendly and not least, very good coffee!


The women at the classes are using the C-word and expressed a need for making presents for said C… With that in mind I grabbed the 10 mm hook and dipped into the guts of a lovely ball of Kauni Effektgarn and combined it with a skein of purple Cushendale Mohair. The plan is a nice, quickly made shrug with or without sleeves with maximum colour effect. The quick part is easily obtained with the 10 mm hook, but I am not sure about the colourful bit although I can see the Kauni Effektgarn holds lovely colour changes in it’s gut. Watch this space…