The DKC Sock Club

IMG_9240smallThe Dublin Knit Collective are a great creative bunch that come up with fun ideas all the time and this year they are at it again with their Sock Club 2011. They propose a self imposed sock club, where you focus some of your knitting energy on knitting socks.

I received this from the DKC: “The premise of this year’s sock club is to:
Make your own sock kits from accumulated yarn stash, selecting a sock pattern, organizing circulars or dpns, supplies such as stitch markers,stitch holder,cable needle, etc. and placing them in a see thru plastic bag. Therefore having a selection of knitting kits to choose from through out the year.”

I thinks this is a brilliant idea if you want to tackle sock knitting this year.

I will not participate myself as I have a fairly steady stream of the type of generic, no-nonsense socks in the picture coming my way from my lovely, industrious mother. A type of sock that I was taught to make as a child. As a matter of fact, I think every sock knitter in Denmark has the pattern off by heart, turned heel et al. The number of stitches are simply adjusted to the desired width and the length adjusted too. The rib is K2, P2 for best elasticity and the yarn weight is usually DK sock yarn.

My mum makes socks just the way I like them; simple. I’m not a huge fan of fancy patterns, I’m much too practical, methinks. But I do see the fascination of some of those intricate sock patterns out there. When I see them knit and realize the amount of work that went into some of them I do at times get the urge to break into serious sock mode!

I use hand-knit socks like slippers, I wear them all winter and I use hand-knit socks for yoga and sometimes even in bed. I adore hand-knit socks and perhaps I will actually knit some this year. Only time will tell. If not, I fortunately know who to call for supplies…

Note: If you are interested in participating in this fun idea, you can read the details here.