crochet hook

A Printed Crochet Hook

A while back I lost my 8mm crochet hook. Well, perhaps I didn’t quite lose it, but it’s missing and I haven’t ordered a replacement for various reasons, one of them being that I am mainly working on my 2 mm hook at the moment.

Donal made me this lovely tune and video to go with it and designed the 3D hook which he animated and all. When I saw the hook he had designed I fell in love. I thought it looked very cute although I wasn’t sure how practical it would be.

Donal has been toying with 3D printing for a while and asked me if I would like a new crochet hook. I immediately said yes and got him to make me an 8mm hook. We worked a bit on the shape and what fun we had working it out.

Today was the day the hook arrived. Great excitement!

Delivery of 3D printed crochet hook made by Donal Donohoe3D printed crochet hook by Donal Donohoe3D Printed Crochet Hook Made by Donal
Irene Lundgaard 2013

TADAAAAAAAA! The hook came well wrapped and placed in a plastic bag. This is the first ever 3D printing done in this house and we loved it, unfortunately, it turned out that the material was not smooth but had a rough surface making it a wee bit testing to crochet with.

3D printed crochet hook by Donal Donohoe for Irene LundgaardTesting My 3D Printed Crochet Hook Made by Donal
Irene Lundgaard 2013

A bit of a rough surface was not going to stop me from working with the hook which was so lovingly made for me. Out came the yarn and off I went. There are a couple of adjustments needed to the design of the hook, but honestly, I will love this hook to bits! It was made with love and care! Perhaps we will be able to change the few bits that needs changing and giving it another go but with a smooth surface. In the meantime, I think a whirl with the emery board might improve matters… One way or another, I love that hook!


Crochet Animation & Music Too

The last week the only thing I have seen of Donal is the back of the screen of his computer as he has been very busy extracting images and composing this little video of my crochet from the last year for me.

A video of my crochet inspiration to whet your appetite for a crochet class or a customized, themed workshop for you and your friends. Drop me a mail at for details on availability!

Donal also composed and recorded the pretty tune which he gave to me to use anyway I like, he also made the animated hook too and all I can say is, I Like!

Thank you for the video Donal!


The Feast Of Hearts

heartlogofacebookIn Denmark we call Christmas the Feast Of Hearts and I hope you will have a feast in yours along with
all the hearts you love the most!

With this little animation by Donal, I wish you a Happy Crochet Christmas! I know mine will be!

Fun music

Animated Times

I am privileged to be sharing my life with Donal, he is one of the most talented musicians and recording artists I know. His lyrics tell wonderful stories and the tunes are never “run of the mill”. I admire his determination and not least his musical talent. It is a privilege to be surrounded by such wonderful music every day.

Some short 10 months ago Donal set to work with great focus as he immersed himself in the world of 3D animation. He learnt the skills and then he started creating this wonderful 3D animation to illustrate one of his tunes called “Global Village” from his album “Slipstring”.

I love it and I hope you enjoy it too!

FaceBook: Like Donal Donohoe’s page here!
iTunes: The album “Slipstring” is available here!

Crochet Fun

The Rhythm Of Crochet

A while ago, (a year to be exact, I have just been reliably told, cough-cough! How time flies!) I was given a gorgeous and very inspiring gift. I was given a piece of crochet music. Donal wrote a pretty little tune for me all inspired by the rhythm of my crochet hook.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any bigger than that as gifts go in my world!

Not only did Donal write the music, he also made me a video with an animated crochet hook interspersed with pictures of some of my crochet.

Donal called the tune “Get Hooked” and that is exactly what he has done. I’m hooked on it and I think Donal has completely captured the rhythm of a crochet hook in the tune and let’s face it, he does hear a lot of it! Words like “obsessive compulsive” does regularly make their way across the room to me for some reason…

I love that little humpty-dumpty rhythm he has captured, it is so melodic and great crochet music to my ears. I adore this little video, I adore the tune and truth be told, I adore Donal, but that’s my own little private secret…

Enjoy the music!


Music Is The Backdrop To My Life

I have watched Dónal look very hard at the monitor of his laptop for the last few months. I have watched him smile, I have watched him focused and sometimes angry and I have even watched him curse a little too… I never knew what was actually going on on the other side of the screen and every time I asked what he was doing I was told that it was for him to know and for me to find out…

Meanwhile, I crochet hats galore, prepared workshops, installed the The Irish Reef with friends. I fiddled with new ideas and was creative in my own mind.

The other night, Dónal finally revealed what had him absorbed for so long. It turned out to be a lovely little animation he made for a tune he wrote and released on his latest CD called Slipstring. It is a lovely song written for sincere reasons and the animation compliments it beautifully.

I feel very privileged to have real live music written and performed beautifully by a real human being as a backdrop to my life. No sampling, just pure musicality.

Music and the rhythm of the crochet hook go hand in hand so well!


Days Of Music

Slipstring front cover Donal DonohoeI am a lucky woman, I share my life with another creative person, my musician husband Donal. I have the rhythm of his music as a backdrop to everything I do. Dónal makes so much music that he even manages to share the flow with the rest of the world.

Today we have been celebrating the release of Dónal’s third album. ‘Slipstring’ is the name of the album  and it literally seem to have just slipped off the strings. All the songs are written and composed by Donal.

I really like the mood of this album and the stories Donal is telling, there is something nice and rounded about it and the different rhythms of the tunes are superb for crochet – perfect music, wouldn’t you say?

You can get a wee taster of the sound on Donal’s website, just click the player at the bottom of the blog post he has written here.

Life is good on a musical day like this!

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Hyperbolic Guitar In My House

My home has been taken over by all things hyperbolic. The Irish Reef is under construction and last minute pieces are being crochet for certain places on the baskets – and here was I thinking I had completed my contributions…

A good while back I challenged my husband, Dónal Donohoe, to give writing a piece of hyperbolic music a go. Dónal writes and performs his own music and I thought it would be interesting to hear how an exponential increase would actually sound. He didn’t take the bait at all. As a matter of fact, he did not take the bait of the challenge until he had been at Dr. Daina Taimina’s inspiring talk at the Science Gallery during the early summer,  but he did succumb in the end. Perhaps it was the rhythm of my crocheted hook that lured him in?…

Dónal made a preview of the release available on YouTube which I hope you will enjoy to listen to. For me it was very exciting to hear how the exponential increase would be handled and if it was possible to capture that dimension in sound. And I think he managed while at the same time making a pretty piece of guitar music.

I actually quite love this little tune, particularly because no sampling or other ‘cheats’ were used to captured the hyperbolic dimension. From my crocheters perspective I truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into actually playing all these many notes acoustically and elegantly manage to convey the space that is hyperbolic in rhythm and sound at the same time. I love when all the important elements of my life fuse into one big whole.

Note: The tune Hyperbolic Guitar is composed and performed by Dónal Donohoe and it can be purchased for download here.