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Urbanization of the Irish Countryside  by Irene Lundgaard smallUrbanization of the Irish Countryside © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I’m not a fan of the grooming of rural Ireland.
If we want urban, let’s live urban!

Note: Yarn bombing in pure wool Granny Squares placed on sheep fence in rural Ireland.


Granny By The Irish Sea

Manifesting ideas and following up on inspiration can sometimes just be a simple little task. Other times it’s a big involved process with many twists and turns and not always a good outcome.

Granny by The Irish Sea - 1Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011

I have wanted to do a lap blanket in the tried and trusted style of the Granny Square for a while. I like the simplicity of the stitch and find that very many of my crochet pupils have only this as a frame of reference in crochet from their childhoods. I often see people finding their long lost skill from then after a couple of rounds of double crochet stitches, they find the embodied knowledge and automatically move on to trebles almost without my saying anything. It’s an interesting observation, to realize that we carry this old knowledge just under our skin and very little is sometimes needed to re-kindle it.

Granny by The Irish Sea - 3Granny By The Irish Sea © Irene Lundgaard 2011

When I selected the yarn for this blanket I went for the lovely Cushendale DK and Mohair. I adore that yarn. My simple inspiration is the trip I had to the Irish Sea last weekend where I enjoyed looking at the foam from the waves licking the coast and stretching my eye far to find the horizon.

The Cushendale colours are outstanding and always just right! In this case I use the green Rowan colour to symbolise the land as it meanders it’s way down to where the surf is foaming up, which is illustrated by the Glacier Mohair. The Sea colour illustrates the deep blue colour that you see immediately off shore, where the seabed plunges down into the deep and the Jade colour is illustrating the green, shining expanse that you see when you lift your eye to find the line of the horizon in the distance.

This is the simplest of manifestations of inspiration ever, but no less valid than the complicated manifestations in my books.


Cate ‘Blanket’ Eat Your Heart Out

IMG_6919smallYesterday, while I was preparing for the Tunisian Crochet Class at The Yarn Room a true Yarnie appeared on the scene to show off her huge project, and rightly so. Look at this wonderful king size blanket.

All I can say is, Cate ‘Blanket’ eat your heart out! If you have not yet seen the hideous garment that Cate Blanchett donned at some award ceremony in Australia giving crochet a terribly bad name I think you should make it your business and go and see for yourself right here.

The lady who crochet this fantastic piece is doing everything in the world to redeem the good name of crochet and I personally think she has done a fantastic job. The blanket is huge and the wool used is from Kerry Woollen Mills, good solid Irish yarn. Yay!

When you have finished gasping for air after the shock of Cate Blancett’s dress you can check out the new updated Yarn Class Schedule for the autumn, right here.