Crochet Animation & Music Too

The last week the only thing I have seen of Donal is the back of the screen of his computer as he has been very busy extracting images and composing this little video of my crochet from the last year for me.

A video of my crochet inspiration to whet your appetite for a crochet class or a customized, themed workshop for you and your friends. Drop me a mail at for details on availability!

Donal also composed and recorded the pretty tune which he gave to me to use anyway I like, he also made the animated hook too and all I can say is, I Like!

Thank you for the video Donal!

Crochet Fun

The Rhythm Of Crochet

A while ago, (a year to be exact, I have just been reliably told, cough-cough! How time flies!) I was given a gorgeous and very inspiring gift. I was given a piece of crochet music. Donal wrote a pretty little tune for me all inspired by the rhythm of my crochet hook.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any bigger than that as gifts go in my world!

Not only did Donal write the music, he also made me a video with an animated crochet hook interspersed with pictures of some of my crochet.

Donal called the tune “Get Hooked” and that is exactly what he has done. I’m hooked on it and I think Donal has completely captured the rhythm of a crochet hook in the tune and let’s face it, he does hear a lot of it! Words like “obsessive compulsive” does regularly make their way across the room to me for some reason…

I love that little humpty-dumpty rhythm he has captured, it is so melodic and great crochet music to my ears. I adore this little video, I adore the tune and truth be told, I adore Donal, but that’s my own little private secret…

Enjoy the music!


Good To Go

I’m more or less set for the workshops at the County Library in Skive over the weekend.The course notes are done, the samples are done, the class is full and we’re basically good to go, I just need to go and pick up the yarns tomorrow!

Hyperbolic Crochet at the beach on the island of Fur in Denmark by Irene LundgaardHyperbolic Crochet I at The Beach on Fur Island
© Irene Lundgaard 2011

Hyperboles entwisted - beach on Fur Island in Denmark by Irene LundgaardHyperbolic Crochet II at The Beach on Fur Island
© Irene Lundgaard 2011

The weather is fantastic – sunshine by the sea! It’s pure inspiration and fun too! Crochet is the best fun in the world methinks!


Apple Blossom In August

Hyperbolic Crochet Scarf by Irene LundgaardI am having great fun with the hook at the moment, as a matter of fact, I’m having too much fun to also have time to write about it even. Some of it I’m not allowed to write about in detail other than to say that it involves film props and a certain French male actor, that was in the news recently…

The other day I was taking photos of some of my hyperbolic crochet scarves in preparation for some workshops that I have lined up for September. I will tell much more about them in time, but for now, I just thought I would share a picture of one of my ‘Hyperbolic Apple Blossom Scarves’ which I made this spring.

It’s worked in sock yarn and I adore the colours although some years ago, I would have thought the colours too ‘pretty’ but I seem to have mellowed with age. I find the colours irresistible now, soft and gentle…

Crochet hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Hyperboles & A Graffitied Fire Engine

Corn on the cob from corn yarnI have finally landed after a hectic week of fun and games in Denmark. It was a family time, but never far away from fibre related matters at any given time. There was Circus by the children, there was an 8th birthday, a christening, walks by the beach and then there was a hyperbolic crochet class in Duddine’s Aladdin’s Cave of a wool shop. At the entrance to the shop Duddine has donkeys on the one side of the lane and a yarn graffitied tree on the other side. Donkey work

Further down the lane Duddine’s husband has all sorts of old farm machinery on display, I have a feeling that the philosophy is that  wives like their husbands to be occupied while they browse the wool shop…

One of the items on display is an old clapped out Fire Engine which Duddine has gotten the mad idea to cover in yarn graffiti. You meet the fire engine a bit further down the lane and Fire Engine To Be Yarn Grafittiednobody who enters the shop are allowed to walk out without being encouraged to participate in this fun yarn project and I was no exception, so I was given 4 balls of the sustainable LOL yarn from Marks & Kattens made from recycled water bottles.

hyperboles at Duddines Vævestue FurBut before I got down to the knitting I taught a hyperbolic crochet class to excited and attentive crocheters who took to it like ducks to water. I love sharing the magic of hyperbolic crochet, the technique just presses all the right creative buttons in everybody who come into contact with it. It’s magic. I love magic, particularly the yarn variety and not least when it happens in a yarn shop full of fun colours and sustainable yarns, which is what Duddine focuses on.

After the crochet, I had a couple of hours to knit a bit and I quickly ran up the best part of 3.5 balls of the grey LOL which is going to help cover the box for the fire hose, I believe.
Knitting a fire engine

The fire engine was not yet covered when I was still there, but I have since seen photos and a wee video of the start of the covering of it. ‘Tis great craic and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Knit a Fire Engine - Fur - DenmarkThanks to Knud Peder Jensen for the photo

If you click the photo, you can see the video too! And yes, that is a man on the right and yes, he is wearing a lovely wooden hat which he turned himself…


The Week That Was In It

crochet strawberries and creamI am having great fun with some hypebolic crochet these days, just simple wearabele items, which I will show off once I find a suitable model. It’s amazing how the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project has influenced the way I approach crochet, but more about that later. For now, I just thought I would share a very seasonal piece of crochet, which I created last year in connection with Bloomsday, and here it is, wheeled out again this year. Strawberries & Cream albeit a woolly affair.


Hyperbolic Space For Charity

The other day a cheerful mail with a photo attached landed in my in-box. It was from the lovely Reefer, Jenny Byrne. Jenny is one of the rock solid core members of The Reefers group that is promoting and not least loving the Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.

It turned out that Jenny had entered a few photos from our Hyperbolic Crochet Workshop at Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely on the 2nd of October when The Ray D’Arcy Show on TODAY fm organized a fund-raiser for Barnardos with a book of snapshots of life in Ireland on that day. Jenny was talented enough to have one of her pictures selected for inclusion in the book, and this is it.

irish_reef_workshop2b_jennybyrnePhoto by permission from Jenny Byrne
for US 2 book in aid of Barnardos

The caption in the book reads: “Crochet, hyperbolic style. A year ago none of us knew one another. By 2 Oct 2010 over 100 people living all over Ireland had contributed to 2 exhibitions of craft work that included elements of crochet, maths, marine biology and hyperbolic geometry. We held a workshop on 2 Oct in Tinahely, Co Wicklow.”

Isn’t it just amazing how this project is spreading itself hyperbolically? Seeping into all sorts.

On a personal note, I must say that I find it quite amazing that my crochet hook and I are going to be knocking about on very many coffee tables for years to come. We, the people in the picture, will be part of a moment in time captured for posterity and all in aid of the most noble of causes. Well done Jenny!

Note: The book can be bought in all good bookshops in Ireland as well as in Meteor stores countrywide, but the fantastic Kenny’s Bookshop in Tuam Co Galway, stock it in their on-line store and post it out free of charge. Marvellous!

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Another Dive On The Irish Reef

IMG_7478smallIMG_7483smallFriday morning we had some spook at The Courthouse Arts Centre as 27 scary pupils from Tinahely National School came for a dive on The Reef. They were so colourful and receptive. And they kindly gave me a beautiful flower and a lovely Halloween card to go with it. I adored the way they were appalled at the Pacific Garbage Patch and I was completely charmed when I was asked what movies the video kelp on the Toxic Reef was crochet from. Unfortunately, I  couldn’t remember.

They gave me a beautiful flower and a handmade card and helped me opening a coral submission for The Reef. The children were utterly charming – all of them!


The Irish Reef exhibition in Tinahely is coming to an end on Friday 29th and we had the last workshop of talks on Marine Ecology, Hyperbolic Geometry and not least Hyperbolic Crochet yesterday and we were blessed with an enthusiastic crowd. I didn’t get a picture of everyone there, but I did get a shot of some inspired crocheters.
IMG_7493smallHappy Hyperbolic Crocheters At Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

The Last Waltz

Yesterday we bid the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef farewell as we packed the Irish People’s Reef away in boxes for it to be resurrected around the country, we hope.

The Empty Hyperbolic Dance Floor © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

The last piece clinging on to the wall was Dr. Daina Taimina‘s fine piece called ‘The Land & The Sea’. I don’t think it wanted to let go. We didn’t really either but we did feel a quiet sense of achievement as the entire Irish Toxic Reef is going to The Smitsonian in October. In effect this means we currently have no toxic reef so if you would like to give the plarn a hyperbolic go, this is your chance. Submission details will follow.

The first sojourn of the Irish People’s Reef will be at Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely in September. The details are still to be finalized but it will definitely happen. If you have ideas or places that you would like to see the Irish Reef make an appearance, please drop a comment here so we can see if it’s feasible.

The IFF have dedicated a page to the Irish People’s Reef, which you can visit here! There are a few factual errors that are yet to be fixed on the page.

If you are interested in following the journey of the Irish Reef, you can either subscribe to the Ravelry Group or the Yahoo Group.

Finally, we need help to identifying these four pieces as they have been curated by the Wertheims to go to The Smithsonian and we need them to give due credit. Do you know who submitted these four pieces? If you do, please drop a comment below.

Who made this?Who made this?

Who made this?Who made this?

I would like to thank all contributors for a wonderful hyperbolic dance. The last many months have simply been a journey of a lifetime. A special thanks goes to The IFF, Dr. Daina Taimina, Science Gallery and not least Stitchlily and The Reefers!

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Joie De Vivre

Wednesday June 2nd 2010 will be with me for a very long time. I spent time with the most amazing people and I was submerged in art and craft and good energy and knowledge and innovation. Plain and simple, joie de vivre at gourmet level!

I went to see the Finals Exhibition at the IADT where one of The Reefers is exhibiting her fantastic piece along with very many other very fantastic pieces. I will write about that experience separately as Emer’s outstanding work deserves it’s own space.

I was in the presence of The Reefers, Stitchlily and Rockpool Candy, no less. But first and foremost I was in the presence of one of the most energetic minds I have met in a very long time. Dr. Daina Taimina was lecturing at Science Gallery Dublin which she did with gusto and humour.

IMG_2033smallIn full flight and fun knitwear

We were lucky enough to have a quick encounter in the coffee shop which we proceeded to refurbish so that we could all sit around the one table.  I think we were noisy too!

IMG_2035smallTools of the trade

Only a woman of considerable capacity and energy would ever think of crocheting hyperbolic planes and spheres. Only a woman with buckets of joie de vivre would think of turning maths and crochet into art.

IMG_2040smallTaking flight

I had my Holy Grail signed, I had my fill of fine minds and fellow lovers of knowledge and the arts. It truly was a case of complete submersion in life, a day which I will carry with my in my heart for a very long time! Joie De Vivre, indeed!

Note: The Irish Times made it to the lecture too. You can read the article here.