hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Hyperbolic Guitar In My House

My home has been taken over by all things hyperbolic. The Irish Reef is under construction and last minute pieces are being crochet for certain places on the baskets – and here was I thinking I had completed my contributions…

A good while back I challenged my husband, Dónal Donohoe, to give writing a piece of hyperbolic music a go. Dónal writes and performs his own music and I thought it would be interesting to hear how an exponential increase would actually sound. He didn’t take the bait at all. As a matter of fact, he did not take the bait of the challenge until he had been at Dr. Daina Taimina’s inspiring talk at the Science Gallery during the early summer,  but he did succumb in the end. Perhaps it was the rhythm of my crocheted hook that lured him in?…

Dónal made a preview of the release available on YouTube which I hope you will enjoy to listen to. For me it was very exciting to hear how the exponential increase would be handled and if it was possible to capture that dimension in sound. And I think he managed while at the same time making a pretty piece of guitar music.

I actually quite love this little tune, particularly because no sampling or other ‘cheats’ were used to captured the hyperbolic dimension. From my crocheters perspective I truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into actually playing all these many notes acoustically and elegantly manage to convey the space that is hyperbolic in rhythm and sound at the same time. I love when all the important elements of my life fuse into one big whole.

Note: The tune Hyperbolic Guitar is composed and performed by Dónal Donohoe and it can be purchased for download here.