Crochet hyperbolic crochet coral reef

Rock Music Coral

Since I was at the workshop with Margaret Wertheim on the Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at The Science Gallery, I have been busy in my own mind planning my submission for the exhibition next spring. I have been playing around with ideas on how to use alternative materials and particularly, how to get the environmental aspect worked into my contribution.

In an Irish Toxic Coral Reef, I have this notion that the bands around bales of brickets must feature somehow. They are unsightly, they are plastic and every Irish home has the problem of disposing of them in an environmentally friendly way. The fact that we are burning irreplaceable peat that nature has taken thousands of years to make is the real issue with these hard strips of unsightly plastic, in my opinion. I don’t know how I will manage to incorporate these into my submission, but I will. Who knows, perhaps Bord na Móna will rethink the way they present brickets to us, and they might even consider using ropes of hemp while we heat cravers start thinking about growing our own firewood instead of destroying our unique bogs. I will find a way to incorporate them, I really will! If nothing else, I will bunch some up for the Irish Midden, that will also feature at the exhibition.


Rock Music Coral © 2009 Irene Lundgaard

I have tried to think of other alternative types of yarn. I have made plarn and I have fiddled with straws of grass and baling twine to use as a base for one of my corals. I am trying to build some height into my piece and basically need a rock for my coral to grow on. I have ended up settling on using  a pile of cassette tapes, that are completely obsolete at this stage in our technological evolution. Using them ties my entire life together in one single piece. I crochet, my husband is a composer and musician. My making a Rock Music Coral as my contribution simply encompasses my lovely life.

I encourage you to contribute to the Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. You can read much more about this wonderful project on the site of The Institute For Figuring. If you are interested in participating but would like to hear more about the project and get practical advice on how to, you can book a free ticket for workshops at The Science Gallery on Sunday December 6th. Alternatively come and join me for a brief talk at The Yarn Room in Ashford village, Co Wicklow on Thursday November 26th at 7.30 pm or  Friday December 4th, where the work table in the shop will be full of ideas and materials all day for you to make your own piece of coral to contribute to the exhibition. If you are based elsewhere in the country check this Ravelry group for details on workshops near you.

Now, to the hook!