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Releasing Some Heat

I finally got around to actually releasing the pattern for Serena’s Neck Cowl. It’s warm and wintry and it’s a simple enough knit. The yarn is really doing all the work; not only is the yarn pretty in the colouring, but it’s also soft and warm around the neck and the rib makes it nice and flexible too.

IMG_7864smallSerena’s Neck Cowl © Irene Lundgaard 2010

The yarn is Schoppel Wolle Pur which gives a charming striped effect. It only takes 1 skein to work this cowl. Any other nice variegated yarn in a heavy Aran or chunky weight would work too. The cowl is worked top down on circular needles size 5 mm; it is possible to work it on straight needles and sew it together, but I do not recommend this technique as the seam will be bulky.

I have worked the cowl on a size 5 mm needle and the rib effect gives it great flexibility and stretch, but it could very easily be worked on a size 6 mm needle if a slightly larger size was desired.

I have worn this cowl quite a bit lately and it really is very comfortable and warm to wear. It’s a right heat releaser…

Note: You can find the pattern for sale on the pattern page or you can find it on Ravelry, here.