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Woollies Weather

The last few weeks has had this un-natural warmth to them for the time of year but that has all changed now. Tonight when I got out from teaching my crochet class in Tinahely I had to scrape the ice off the windscreen. Proper cold weather for woollies, yay!

IMG_7831smallSerena’s Neck Cowl © Irene Lundgaard 2010

A few weeks ago I knit up this cosy cowl in Schoppel Wolle Pur Wool. It’s soft and warm and dense and I love the colour and it’s perfect for the cold weather. I made it with the view to having it on under my winter coat and not have the hassle of trailing scarf tails as they always get in the way for me when I’m scraping the windscreen. Proper cowl for proper cold weather in woollies, yay!

Note: Pattern to follow.


Knitting Too

If I had more than one set of hands I would use my knitting needles every so often too as there are a few knitters out there that I think have the knack of making wearable and attractive simple designs.

I want to list a few of them here, just as an inspiration while I get to grips with the neck of my Dane’s Tunisian Vest, but more about that later, right now, it’s about the knitting.

ashfordcowlNicola of NicKnits has a great knack for making simple knitting very attractive. She has made mittens (Ravelry link) in the past and she recently designed and released the pattern for the prettiest cowl. She has called it the Ashford Cowl. I love the way it tapers in at the top and how the edge is curvy. It is simple and effective and when worked in the right yarn it is simply deliciously soft and warm too.

Another knitter that I like a lot is a Danish friend of mine called Anne (link in Danish), she is an all round crafter and foodie too and she takes very nice pictures as well!

scrapsAnne has just released a pattern for her little waist coat called Scraps… (check out the link to see alternative colour version) and I love it. Not only is it very attractive and versatile in the sizing but it is also a super duper scrap buster. The pattern is available for sale on Etsy in both English and Danish.

Finally, I am completely besotted with the sense of style and quirky fun from Tora Frøseth in Norway. Tora is a very talented knitter and has a deadly eye for detail. Her ideas for children’s wear are just right in my opinion and one of these days, I will get my hands on the needles too although my Dane’s Tunisian Vest (which is turning itself into a sweater as welll as seeming to want a very demanding and time consuming neckline) takes priority at the moment as does the endless list of ideas that seem to just pop out of my head like popcorn on a hot pan.

Back to the hook.

Note: Picture copyright in this post is Nic & Anne’s.