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Irene & Donal © Donal Donohoe small 6

My deepest thanks to all who have sent kind words and messages of sympathy on the recent passing of my wife, friend, partner and collaborator Irene Lundgaard. Irene and I spent twenty wonderful years together and it was a privilege to live with such a creative, kind-hearted and beautiful human being, she truly was a force of nature. To say that Irene could brighten up any room that she walked into would be an understatement as I am sure anyone who knew her would testify and her loss is immeasurable, she will be forever in my heart.


It’s All About Water

On the way to the Science Gallery on Wednesday for Daina Taimina’s lecture we swung by the Visual Arts Practise Graduate Exhibition at IADT where we went to meet Emer Brady, whose exhibited piece was simply outstanding. There was very many other very beautiful and quirky expressions to enjoy and some have lingered in my mind. Ronan Lawlor’s pieces with poppies interspersed with war images were chilling but exepctional as was Maria Makraviova’s reflections on the former communist regime in Slovakia, not to mention Paula Fitzpatrick‘s Fabrick of Society and Jessica Conway‘s quirky audio-visual piece; or the young man who’s name escapes me, with the images of packaging. And then there was interesting animations in quirky places from Aisling Bolger, just to mention a few.

IMG_1995smallFloatsam (detail) by Emer Brady

Emer is a Reefer and has submitted some fine pieces of crochet metal to the crochet reef, she has also sailed the oceans of the globe for seven years and has developed a keen eye for the matters that matter.


Floatsam by Emer Brady
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When Emer saw the ‘almost-utterly-butterly’ tubs floating on the shores off West Cork after a container full fell off a ship in a January storm she set to work to show order and chaos in nature. She gathered very many hundreds of tubs, emptied them of their foul smelling content and cleaned them, she then returned to West Cork, floated them again on the tide, videoed the process, gathered them again and then she took them to that other dimension when she suspended her margarine tubs and created her wonderful Floatsam which shows this gifted artist’s intimate knowledge of the movements of the ocean. I felt like diving on the ordered waves of this light yet substantial installation and I most certainly hope that somebody will have the foresight and space to snap up this wonderful work and have it on permanent display somewhere.