Fun music

Animated Times

I am privileged to be sharing my life with Donal, he is one of the most talented musicians and recording artists I know. His lyrics tell wonderful stories and the tunes are never “run of the mill”. I admire his determination and not least his musical talent. It is a privilege to be surrounded by such wonderful music every day.

Some short 10 months ago Donal set to work with great focus as he immersed himself in the world of 3D animation. He learnt the skills and then he started creating this wonderful 3D animation to illustrate one of his tunes called “Global Village” from his album “Slipstring”.

I love it and I hope you enjoy it too!

FaceBook: Like Donal Donohoe’s page here!
iTunes: The album “Slipstring” is available here!


Music Is The Backdrop To My Life

I have watched Dónal look very hard at the monitor of his laptop for the last few months. I have watched him smile, I have watched him focused and sometimes angry and I have even watched him curse a little too… I never knew what was actually going on on the other side of the screen and every time I asked what he was doing I was told that it was for him to know and for me to find out…

Meanwhile, I crochet hats galore, prepared workshops, installed the The Irish Reef with friends. I fiddled with new ideas and was creative in my own mind.

The other night, Dónal finally revealed what had him absorbed for so long. It turned out to be a lovely little animation he made for a tune he wrote and released on his latest CD called Slipstring. It is a lovely song written for sincere reasons and the animation compliments it beautifully.

I feel very privileged to have real live music written and performed beautifully by a real human being as a backdrop to my life. No sampling, just pure musicality.

Music and the rhythm of the crochet hook go hand in hand so well!


Crochet Music

On the whole I carry around a handy little crochet or knitting project in my basket. I find it great stress relief while waiting in the queue at the shops or anywhere I am made wait. I also enjoy being industrious while having a chat with a friend and a few times I have taken my crochet to a concert. I have been very discreet about it and just worked quietly away while enjoying the performance. It feels nice to work the musical notes into a garment.
We have a lovely concert venue locally and on Friday September 4th Eleanor McEvoy is playing. I wonder if her Woman’s Heart would mind if I brought my crochet to her concert at The Courthouse Arts Centre Tinahely? Would you mind if I did, or would you find it terribly irritating?