Thrilling Yarn Experiments

Crochet throw in mulitcoloured yarn by Irene LundgaardOne of my favourite aspects of designing in crochet, or knitting for that matter, is matching the right yarn with the right project. I primarily enjoy this process in the creative sense as the yarn can make or break what is potentially a good idea. At the moment I’m experimenting with sock wool, I love sock wool. First of all, on the whole, it’s really good value as there are many meters of good wool in each ball but more so because of the fantastic colours of sock yarns that are available at the moment. There are colour changing ones, solid coloured ones, self-striping ones, tweedy ones and much much more on the market, and they come in many different yarn weights too. And the bonus is that they are so easy to wash.

At the moment I am experimenting with the delicious Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Sock for a little throw.  The colour-way is simply delicious and if my idea works out, I think the throw just might end up being quite pretty. It’ll be another while before I know as I’m working on a size 3.5 hook…

I am really enjoying this one. Really, really, really enjoying it. So much so that I squeeze in a minute of crochet here and there and can’t make myself go to bed, I just need to do one more round. The thrill of an exciting project is second to none. I’m sure you know the feeling!