Back in October I was approached by journalist Judy Darley who had seen my Halloween Webs and would like to do a feature article on my crochet for the new SIMPLY CROCHET MAGAZINE due to be released this January.

I was first and foremost excited about the interview and also delighted to hear that another crochet magazine was to hit the shelves. Crochet is sometimes treated like the poor cousin of knitting by the print media although I have to say that is very much changing, particularly now that the models on the catwalks are draped in creative crochet around the globe – the awareness of crochet is definitely heightened.

Simply Crochet Issue 2 February 2013 by Irene LundgaardSIMPLY CROCHET MAGAZINE February 2013 Issue
Irene Lundgaard 2013

Anyway, I live out in the sticks of Ireland and had a hard time laying hands on a copy of the first issue of the SIMPLY CROCHET MAGAZINE and only found it when I was passing through London visiting my sister. The first issue was bright and cheerful with what I saw as an emphasis on targeting the beginner crochet market. There was nice photography in it and fun projects. I liked the feel of the magazine, the light-hearted approach to crochet and having a background in printing I really appreciate the quality of the paper the magazine is actually printed on. Lovely detail! And the hook gauge in the second issue; what a hoot…

Irene Lundgaard in Simply Crochet Issue 2 February 2013SIMPLY CROCHET Magazine February 2013 Issue
Irene Lundgaard 2013

I was to be featured in the second issue and I only laid hands on it during this week just gone by and I’m chuffed with the result. Judy has done a great job on making sense of my unstructured meandering answers.

It is always nice to be recognized by ones peers and I hope you enjoy the article and the magazine, I know I do!

Crochet world domination, I’m telling you! 😉

Workshop Yarn Classes

Loads Of Crochet

I have been busy giving crochet workshops in Denmark and busy in my regular crochet classes here in Ireland too. So busy I have not been able to get my web page updated which is a disgrace as I have loads of news to share.

However, I will not be able to get to that until tomorrow afternoon, but I can tell you that it involves the mention of an article in the current edition of the new UK magazine SIMPLY CROCHET in which I’m delighted to feature – have you seen the magazine? It’s bright and cheerful and if nothing else, check it out for the paper quality alone – having a background in printing – I’m a sucker for nice paper!

I will also roll out my new regular classes as well as making suggestions for one day workshops that might be of interest to you. And then there is a whole other crochet venture which involves sales of select pieces of my crochet too.

Crochet Hillarity at Skive Bibliotek by Irene Lundgaard

Doing The Crochet Thing at Skive Bibliotek by Irene LundgaardUntidy, chaotic teachers workstation at
Crochet Workshop at Skive Library, Denmark
Irene Lundgaard 2013

In the meantime, I share a couple of photos form the workshops I did at the wonderful library in Skive, Denmark. As you can see, they were a busy lot! Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the beginner class on the Friday. They were a great and came through in flying colours with a great grasp of more than just the basics on the day.